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Krashen, «Is There a “Fast Track” to Second Language Acquisition?»

- one hour of pleasure reading for 3 years in the lower end of individual variability would bring ESL proficiency from TOEIC 250 ("Basic") to 733 ("Limited Working Proficiency")

- same amount of reading for the fastest learners would reach 1027 (over the scale)

- on avg, 2h/reading/day for 1 year would add 200 points.

this is honestly kind of discouraging :/ welp it's not like people become fluent in 3 months or anything

"We have updated our instance rules to include a new rule: "No unsolicited advice to strangers." This is a clarification of our harassment rules in response to common harassment patterns in the network. Please contact the administrators if you have any questions about this change. Thanks!"

For those not on the instance, if you get unsolicited advice from a account, you can (and please do) report it

why is the word insalata/salada/ensalada/etc. feminine

it's a salty _what_

linguistics, colonialism, rant 

European universities are building up networks to teach and develop the Mari and Mansi languages.

Guess who's not invited? Universities from the speaker regions, where actual L1 speakers work and live 🙄

Nah, of course some Germans, Austrians and Swedes know better how to teach Mari 🤡

so mean of biologists that all their biological phylogenetic inference libraries for some reason assume that your trees are for bio stuff u.u

the weirdest thing in finishing my phd is I won't be a student anymore. after degrees in both comp-sci and linguistics I think I'm through, even if I want to learn something else I'm not going back for a third bachelor's.
but I've been a student for the past 30 years, it'll be strange to not have this status anymore.

doubly so if I end up kicked out of academia. I forgot how it feels to not be affiliated with some ivory tower or another. can ppl just... exist? by themselves? without OED access?

asked for Baum&Smith’s «Tree Thinking» to the library. waited a couple months for the ask to be accepted. monitored the status that stayed for a while in "cataloguing". then suddenly it jumped to "borrowed".

baleful kudos to the person of good taste who grabbed ~my~ book before I could grumble grumble

repeated emoticons like ":DDD" are comparable to 理義字 rigiji like 日 sun 昌 clear 晶 crystal, 弓 bow 弜 strong, 車 car 轟 noise/clamour etc.

in that the shapes that were originally pictographic drawings are abandoning the pictographic principle to allow an emphatic reduplication based on meaning (":))" is not a face with two mouths, like 昌 is no two suns).

More #translation thoughts...

Between the two languages I feel comfortable doing translation in, I find English to Spanish a lot more difficult. The problem is that it feels like Spanish has so much more variety that I never know how to pin down a particular translation.

English has variety too, of course, especially with being such a widely-spoken language worldwide. However, there are a few cultural differences.

thinking that my addiction to audiobooks could be considered a form of oral literature, but it is a derivative one—the words, the language being first frozen in letters before the performer reads, so that these words will stubbornly remain attached to the needs of paper rather than the strengths of storytelling, no matter how good the storyteller may be.

thinking what it would look like if we had a bonafide oral tradition, stories _made for_ voice and performed as oral literature podcasts

asking for lit magazine recommendations, :boost_ok: 

- what I want: a print lit/poetry journal either featuring queer writers exclusively, or featuring women exclusively (and they are explicit and vocal about trans women being women)

- what would be a 2nd best option: same but in epub or other reflowable format for ebook readers

- what I found: uuuh Room?

don't tell academic elitists but I think it's a moral responsibility for students to steal, pirate, photocopy, and distribute textbooks and learning material in any way they can

Brazilian trilingual indigenous political rap <3

(covid-19 themes, violence)


Favorite readings on cultural hegemony and Gramsci? 👀

academic employment − 

it’s interesting how books on writing or research advice, self-help etc. as well as career counselling appear to be so blind to the actual hard part of academic life – money, job market, immigration problems, exploitation of unpaid work, institutionalised disregard for personal life, performative sacrifice, widespread mental health crisis etc.

yes I can write 15 minutes a day and follow my passion. now what’s the motivational advice on deportation and encroaching fascism?

parenting, academic employment − 

my therapist: yes it’s v reasonable to feel that way, job insecurity and temporary contracts are what end up driving a lot of single mothers out of academia

me: :pika:

every time i get a reply to my posts from some random dude with 3 toots and 90 replies i always wonder who the fuck these people are

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