for anyone interested in the I strongly recommend Warwick's email list! It's a great place to find out about papers, calls, jobs, etc.

Here is the latest issue:

I love this quotation at the beginning of chapter six of Carl Elliott's "A Philosophical Disease".

@phdlife I was wondering if others can relate to this: In writing up my PhD thesis, I am using much less footnotes than I would have expected (my MA thesis included many, long footnotes). I wonder if there is something about writing a longer thesis which is changing this (bad?) habit of mine?

“According to an interview with a historian […], it’s possible that it’s just always been this way.”

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📻 “Your meaning is, that the name of each thing is only that which anybody agrees to call it?” 🤔 great episode on the nature and power of naming!

Always interesting how is NOT mentioned in these..

🐘📯First off: Hannes Bergthaller’s piece on the limits of narrative when it comes to comprehending climate change. (The whole special issue it appeared in is very interesting!)

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To get started on here, I’ll be sharing academic articles on climate change that are less widely read, but which I still find fascinating. In a manner of speaking, I’ll be tooting someone else’s horn once a day! 🧵

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