Two openings in my team at the department of , building free software for biomedical research. The job advertisement is only available in German language atm but feel free to contact me via pm of you want to know more.

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Andraž Koželj from is in this week for a comprehensive introduction and under-the-hood technical instruction on the Better repository. It's already been an extremely helpful encounter for the tech team of our Medical Data Integration Center. Finally, someone got the Lego metaphor right!

A fascinating guest lecture marked the end of a busy week at the department. Tomas Kulvicius from the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience in Göttingen presented his groups recent work: Prediction of manipulation actions using semantic event chains. They teach to recognise and react to human movement!

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Job offer, biomedical project coordination. Göttingen, Germany 

More than 15 people from the different research groups and projects at our institute turned up today for an in-house crash course in data wrangling. Led by seasoned veterans of clinical data transformation, we explored the free software swiss army knife, Talend Open Studio. 2nd part of this tutorial is coming up on Thursday where we will engage real world problems from the wondrous lands of

Hello World! This is a joint account for the Department of Medical Informatics of the University Medical Center Göttingen. Our research helps shaping the future of health information systems and medical research.
Today, Markus and Jendrik take part in a FHIR data modelling workshop in the beautiful historic buildings at Berlin Charité

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