@bgcarlisle and we wonder why some grad students and young academics focus on having a "personal brand" that involves cultivating a personality based off of these assholes

I'm so over seeing people try to adopt these characters because they think it's what they should do. Keep that shit in 2018


* Hi I'm the Absent-Minded Professor (1961), I'm not a serial abuser and stalker, I'm just ~~sO aBseNT mINdED!!~~ lol

* Hi I'm House MD (2004), and the whole premise of my show is that the asshole physician can get away with abuse,, because he's so good!!!

* Hi I'm Iron Man (1963), I'm the embodiment of American imperialism, in the form of a sociopath alcoholic

I’m totally making a version of this into a project for my intro programming for engineers class! Nothing cuter than tiny evolving galloping robots!

I’m a professor, a computational materials scientist, and a vice dean of undergraduate education. My big questions are: How does glass fail at the atomic scale? How can we quantify structural disorder? How do students learn to deploy computing in a disciplinary context? How can the physical sciences and engineering become more welcoming to LGBTQ folks? How can we make STEM relevant to kids growing up in disinvested communities in Baltimore? 🌈❤️

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