@jakobpunkt @bgcarlisle @susannah that's what I do as well. Maybe I'm becoming too paranoid 😅

@jakobpunkt @bgcarlisle @susannah maybe what I really meant was, do you cite them? Could you be accused of "illicit" use of sources? Is there any legal base for such an accusation? 🤔

@kapwoo I don't mind that either, but I'm unsure about making "unlicensed" use of sources for articles that would need to get published... in those same journals 🙄

Scholars, do (or even can) you use sources you can only access through, say, ?

@izaro egurrezkoak ere egongo dira, baino nik ez ditut ikusten. Plastikorrozkoak, 2€tik hasi eta 10-15€ arte! Eta "markakoak" gainera, "faltsuak" ere badaude...

@izaro sin embargo, ahora existen de poca y mucha categoría (=€) y dejan nulo margen a la personalización...

I went from Jaiku to Twitter to here.

I am a mom, babywearer and member of . I like doing yoga and mindfulness, and also less often than I should.

I work as an university lecturer/researcher and am currently working on my PhD about in Journalism studies.

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