Difference in Difference Help 

"We recognize that in the future, science and clean government must march side by side with enterprise and energy in building up national and individual prosperity. The problems we have to solve are old but our perspective is new."

- Thomas Adams 1918

There should be a Tim Hortons on university campus for grad students only.

Sociology Woes 

I have 3 ongoing projects that cannot continue without talking to a professor. I don't know what makes me more anxious, asking my questions or sitting thinking about looming deadlines that I allow approach as I do not ask the questions.

Don't you know that when you shout at STATA, it works faster?

Officially at that point in the semester where I try to use my office key to open my apartment door.

By the way, does anyone know what the deal is with the RDCs being down across the country?

Today I tackle propensity score matching! Unless it tackles me first.

If I don't understand how to calculate difference and difference by the end of this semester, I never will. I'm on a hunt for that beautiful determinate causal path!

Happy to all the lady researchers and academics that act as role models for the rest of us. We couldn't be here without the ladies before us, and may we be what those ahead of us need to see in our fields.

Just completed a presentation on the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program and the importance of welcoming communities for immigrant retention in remote and rural Canada. I do love my work.

Hello, I'm a graduate student in sociology. I do research regarding immigration to rural Canada. My work is quantitative and love new opportunities to use statistical software to explore new and emerging types of data. My dream is to be a data analyst.

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