Cory Doctorow formulates something that I think can go onto every list of principles organisations I work with formulate for smart cities, as well as the many data ethics discussions I sit in on.

Don't track people, help people track the environment to feed their decisions. This flipping of perpective fits with what I posted yesterday about Peter Bihr's approach to sm

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digitization, climate change 

An 8-bit approach to J.S. Bach

“It struck me that, at least in theory, organ pipes should generate quite primitive sound waves. If so, how come a church organ doesn't sound like a chip tune, which is also built up from simple waveforms? Well, actually it will, if you remove the church. And if you connect a Commodore 64 home computer to a loudspeaker in a large hall, it will sound like an organ.”

#HardwareHacking #Music

Folks into (or just good old sci-fi) have a look at this post about how writers from the '80s and '90s envisioned the 2020s

As a person coming from a #nontech background, information about #privacy and #floss often feels alienating. Some things I'd really like to see:

1) #accessible web pages (re: structure and language).

2) Reasonable #compromises (re: hardware, OS's, firmware, etc.) -- NOT the same as conflicting compromises (i.e. Google).

3) #inclusive information -- e.g. freedom to revise code is irrelevant to most people, rather it's a matter of transparency.

4) #inclusive behavior -- i.e. not a boys' club.

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that with self driving cars the amount of driven km per car will be the same is a wrong prognosis! There are studies, that about +30-40% of km per car, more traffic, less used public transport is expected.
Resulting from more people driving with car in the city with not enough or expensive parking space. The car will drive out of the city to find a parking space. Then it will return to pick up the owner after work or shopping and drive home.

Deepfakes and truth 

#Hashtag your messages for greater visibility! All you do is:
1. Write your message as usual
2. Go over it and add # in-front of the keywords.

It will make your message appear in searches and timelines based on hashtags.

Please #boost for the #GreaterGood.

Australia bushfires are harbinger of planet’s future, say scientists - “It is getting worse all the time. The sooner we rein back emissions, the sooner we can slow the increase.”

According to some posts I saw there is a paper on Mastodon that scraped public posts. Anyone know what it is called or where to find it?

if (like me) you ever wondered whatever happend to the top-level domains of former eastern bloc states:
.dd (east germany): withdrawn in 1990, never used "on the net", just in university networks
.su (soviet union): still in use, even though it probably shouldn't be, ~117.000 domains
.yu (yugoslavia): deleted in 2010, ~4000 domains vanished
.cs (czechoslovakia): deleted in 1995, 114 domains vanished

Note taking 

If 2010s were the decade of climate awareness, 2020s must be the decade of climate action.

”Uskon, että materiaalisuus tulee korostumaan monin tavoin tulevaisuuden kirjoissa. Kirjoille tapahtuu sama kuin musiikille, jossa vinyylilevyjen numeroidut deluxe-painokset ovat haluttuja keräilykappaleita.”

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