Looking for recs of folks to follow - I'm (broadly) interested in anthropology, geology, astronomy, engineering, and music! I also have more specific interests in Appalachia (culture and ecology), ham radio, fiber arts (spinning and weaving), theology, sustainable agriculture, and transportation!

Assumption before seeing the new Lion King: the new version basically originates from the technological imperative. They did it because they could. No need to ask whether anyone actually wants to see photorealistic animals singing.

On the way to Helsinki. I'm invited by the United Nations to help them to develop their Open Source strategy.

I'm extremely pleased to launch Run Your Own Social: How to run a small social network site for you friends.

This is a guide book to running a small, tight-knit federated social network server. It comes from my year of experience running Friend Camp. It's focused largely on SOCIAL solutions, though it does touch on the technical.

I've tried to keep it technology-neutral, and it should be a pretty easy read for anyone who's been on the fediverse for a while.


"Private ownership of the mind and its products - of imagination or of memory - becomes highly immoral. The accompanying rationale (or rationalization) is familiar, the milieu has attained such a perfect state of enlightenment that any individual retention of ideas or emotions has become anachronistic."
- Robert Jay Lifton, M.D

ie "privacy is dead".

"... it is an act of symbolic self-surrender, the expression of the merging of individual and environment. Third, it is a means of maintaining an ethos of total exposure - a policy of making public ... everything possible about the life experiences, thoughts, and passions of each individual, and especially those elements which might be regarded as derogatory."
- Robert Jay Lifton, M.D
'Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of "Brainwashing" in China'

The #HomeOffice has drawn up a secret programme using #homelessness #charities to acquire sensitive personal data that could result in the deportation of non-UK rough sleepers, the Observer can reveal.

A chain of emails from senior Home Office officials from December 2018 to May 2019 also shows that the clandestine programme ignores European privacy laws by passing rough sleepers’ sensitive personal information directly to the Home Office without their consent.


Kulttuuri on nyt täynnä raakoja kauhukuvia tulevaisuudesta, mutta mitä tapahtuu, kun kyllästymme väkivallalla ja katastrofeilla mässäilyyn?

Tutkijat uskovat, että kyllästymme pian dystopioihin. Niiden suosio pohjautuu esimerkiksi siihen, että monet kokevat elämässään niin suuria suorituspaineita, että on suorastaan ihanaa kuvitella maailmaa, jossa nykyisenlainen arvojärjestelmä on romahtanut.


This morning's thought about and agency: It's easy to assume nothing changes unless we do something. But in complex systems, frantic action and change are not the same thing. Many kinds of 'doing' maintain the present state, while 'not doing' can be transformative.

Also this: "the question of “attention” [...] encompasses all the turns and their relations, the nature of your destination, the specific way you want to get there, why you’re going there and also your ability to ask any of these questions in the first place."

What a beautiful way to put it: "Attention is paid in possible futures foregone."

Let's attend to the futures we want, mindful of at least some of the others we forego!

Technology is driving us to distraction | James Williams theguardian.com/commentisfree/

How do we deal with climate crisis talk and the discourse of inevitability as critical futurists while avoiding denialism, asks @Kerileef@twitter.com

Good morning ! Welcome to our workshop on national and networked foresight in room Goto 31 at 9! Bring your morning coffee. With @LPouru@twitter.com @HardiAu@twitter.com @chris_rowley@twitter.com & Maria Malho

Toni Ahlqvist speaking about the antagonism between big data and "thick data". My question: is this datafication and its opposite or two alternative paths of datafication?

There's so much embedded in this diagram (or "thinking machine") by Ullrich Kockel

What a start! We could (and probably will) talk about the themes opened by Ivana Milojevic for the whole conference. Main thing: futurists haven no excuse not to exercise moral agency for positive change.

Some recommendations for participants interested in tech ethics, privacy and surveillance: special session on social theories today at 13:45, citizen science today at 16:00 and citizen science tomorrow at 10:45. See you at Logomo!

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