@ntnsndr posted a great idea about "public remote works" programs.

Public work programs like building roads were big part of the New Deal.

What could be similar projects that could be done remotely during this crisis?

Few ideas:
- Gathering Census data and doing other phone interviews for surveys.
- Translations, transcriptions, recording audiobooks.

Writing an article about this to Mutual Interest media co-op.

Any ideas and retoots appreciated!!

Don't forget, Bandcamp are waiving their fees today so that artists get 100% of all sales. Good day to go on a music splurge and clear a good lump of your wishlist

Social distancing 

Apple is a one-company environmental apocalypse, with the industry's worst practices for old/broken electronics. Others fix systems, re-use parts, and keep parts available. Apple literally orders its partners to shred it all and turn it into landfill.



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So a new social media site is only as good as your network! Who out there is doing , , , , , ?

(Ça convient également en français : )

Maybe we can get a big thread going?

Read this brilliant #ribbonfarm article "The New Incanny Valley":


> In offloading our social interactions to technology, we are in the process of taking familiar aspects of being human and making them equally strange. The New Uncanny Valley is the gap between the physical world and its expression on the Internet. It contains contradictions involving social values and personal morality.

I'm looking for critical papers/articles on collaborative office software (GDocs, Office 365), perhaps as part of platform capitalism.

Any pointers appreciated.
#mastohelp #mediastudies #softwarestudies #criticaldatastudies

Just came across this from another toot: olki.loria.fr

Looks like an interesting attempt to get benefits of machine learning in a more ethical way as well as some ambitions of building a social network (?). If it’s a research project, I wonder whether and how it will be sustained after the project ends.

Original toot: pleroma.libretux.com/objects/7

@titi @strypey @liaizon

"Our objective is to add another "modality" /"part" into the fediverse dedicated to scientific resources, such as linguistic corpora, research papers, scientific videos, software tools"

"Your #scientific work is not frozen anymore: people can comment specific parts of your datasets, and do so with other #scientists and citizens of the fediverse."

Looks like a new Fedi platform in the making. Sounds pretty cool!

A friend of #Trump bought a substantial part of #Twitter!


Let people on Twitter know!

You can lead them to #Mastodon. I published in Dutch a thread about it. If you are still on Twitter you can retweet it if you like.


Deepl machine translation:


If people want an open network, stop shit-talking open things 

Digital disruption of democracy 

I have a practice PhD defence today in our postgraduate seminar. Informal setting but we try to make it realistic. Wish me luck!

“whether a computer has captured the essence of human reason is a diversion, if not a trap, because the real question — do humans understand the essence of humans? — cannot be answered or resolved by technology.”

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