I'm looking for critical papers/articles on collaborative office software (GDocs, Office 365), perhaps as part of platform capitalism.

Any pointers appreciated.
#mastohelp #mediastudies #softwarestudies #criticaldatastudies


@air_pump It’s an interesting finding in itself if this stuff is hard to find. It’s often hard to reflect on the things that are too close to us and that we use everyday. Opening them to critique can feel counterproductive.

@mmin ha true, I can't believe there is not more on this though. Seems like something HCI or STS would do. Problem might be I'm asking vague questions.

I was hoping to find more on data uses and abuses in "free" office suite settings. I guess that aspect is very hard to study, only ever glimpsed through little fuck-ups like this: theregister.co.uk/2017/10/31/g

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