From my PhD thesis, thought the fediverse might appreciate this. Thesis available here:


Here’s the text: I believe that scholars’ choice of tools is not simply a neutral technical question, and therefore I have used software that contains embedded values of user autonomy to write this dissertation. Most of the text was written in GNU Emacs, an open source text editor that dates back to 1985 and continues to evolve through community effort. Emacs has an embedded programming language, Emacs Lisp, which makes it expandable to any kind of working with texts.

And part 2: This turns users into co-developers. The texts were written in the Markdown language, which is a simple markup language, and converted to the Microsoft Word format using the Pandoc converter. Pandoc can convert dozens of formats to dozens of other formats, representing a vision where writers can use any tool and format because they can be converted rather than being locked in to any proprietary platform.

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@mmin may I suggest a route through latex? pandoc md 2 latex route for better rendering!

@arjen Good suggestion. I practically had to use the Word template of the university for now to get the right layout. They’re still working on updating the latex one. Here’s to hoping that future thesis writers could use that.

@mmin I see, somehow the best DIY tool for publishing seems to have remained a secret gem of the CS and Matb depts, difficult to transcend to uni wide acceptance.

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