What is a political philosophy that celebrates weirdness and difference and its radical potential?

I started thinking about this because I got thrown a question during my thesis defence whether I am arguing in favour of human divergence rather than convergence (my thesis is about privacy as kind of breathing space). To be honest, I hadn’t thought about it so much in terms of political philosophy, and I’m a bit concerned about drifting into middle of the road liberalism with middle age 😀

@mmin Discordianism feels like a good fit to that description.

@pettter Wow, this looks pretty eccentric to say the least! Thanks for the reference.

@mmin To me, this sounds very much like the instinct and impulse that actually drives the radical-liberal movement & wing in UK politics. But most countries don't have an equivalent that I've found, and UK radical liberalism hasn't got much of an active philosopher contingent to it at the moment.

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