Also this: "the question of “attention” [...] encompasses all the turns and their relations, the nature of your destination, the specific way you want to get there, why you’re going there and also your ability to ask any of these questions in the first place."

What a beautiful way to put it: "Attention is paid in possible futures foregone."

Let's attend to the futures we want, mindful of at least some of the others we forego!

Technology is driving us to distraction | James Williams

How do we deal with climate crisis talk and the discourse of inevitability as critical futurists while avoiding denialism, asks

Good morning ! Welcome to our workshop on national and networked foresight in room Goto 31 at 9! Bring your morning coffee. With & Maria Malho

Toni Ahlqvist speaking about the antagonism between big data and "thick data". My question: is this datafication and its opposite or two alternative paths of datafication?

There's so much embedded in this diagram (or "thinking machine") by Ullrich Kockel

What a start! We could (and probably will) talk about the themes opened by Ivana Milojevic for the whole conference. Main thing: futurists haven no excuse not to exercise moral agency for positive change.

Some recommendations for participants interested in tech ethics, privacy and surveillance: special session on social theories today at 13:45, citizen science today at 16:00 and citizen science tomorrow at 10:45. See you at Logomo!

@rusty This idea reminds me of when I started my university studies and the first point was to throw away textbooks and start reading the originals. I think there's a place for both, but there's a lot to be said for going back to the source.

(June 8) 1947, George Orwell's is first published. , , , and have entered common usage and become clarion calls in the internet age for ethical, privacy-conscious platforms.

Wittgenstein's Tractatus visualized as a subway map?! YES!:

Oh damn, she probably meant season 4 then. But I'll see for myself anyway 🙂

@jonah Oh, there's a season 5? That's a relief because a colleague said the last season is not good. I thought it meant season 4, but this means there are still several good episodes to get through.

"because of the growing ubiquity of big data analytics across diverse spheres of life [...] social science should pause in the rush to exploit the value of big data and attend carefully to what form of analysis is engaged by advanced analytics." Life beyond big data

I'm honoured to be among the APF ( student recognition award winners with!

Great work not only from our but also and others. Congrats to everybody!

This Tiananmen anniversary is a good time to consider how responses to crises define path-dependent developments.

~10 years ago: financial crisis
~20 years: IT bubble
30 years: Tiananmen (and Berlin Wall)
~40 years: Thatcherism/Reaganism

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"Trust big tech to protect us against IT-attacks."

"Trust that in a world of monopolies consumer pressure will change something."

"GDPR requires you to get consent, always"

"My own company would profit from less strict privacy rules.“

@njoseph I need to look into Pinafore on the desktop. I'm really liking Andstatus on Android which doesn't show me the number of boosts and is generally a bit clunky with no fancy animations. Anti-features as features.

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