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I'm a legal historian who teaches at a university in the US Midwest. At present, everything and everybody here currently resembles an icicle (-4 F today). I research the 18th century, the legal profession, race, slavery. I'm also the director of graduate studies for my department so I have a lot of interaction with PhD and MA students.

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Hallo, ich heisse KT.

I am interested in psychology, astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, cryptography, philosophy, social engineering, and various other subjects.

My passions consist of exploring the unknown and creating art.

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@mattcropp Yeah, that's a good analogy.

I would add that in digital spaces, we see how quickly communities can grow. Growth for the sake of growth, as we're seeing, isn't sustainable.

But if we can create a context that encourages sensible growth and than sharing that information rather than having a mad dash to see how can scoop up the most users, we can set up a paradigm that is not only healthy, but spreads the weight of the fedi judiciously.

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We should be pushing Masto in the direction of organic proliferation, not making it less easy to use to serve the whims of a handful of people.

As Masto grow, we _should_ be making it easier and safer to use.

With all of the brilliant people I've ran into since I've been on the fedi, this is absolutely a realistic possibility.

We just have to change how we think about we each personally interact with social media and how it can used to benefit our communities and not just something to do.

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PV is going to have a hard cap of 10k users. I think that will be enough to support a self sustaining community.

After that, I'm going to just help people set up their own instance or recommend other instances to follow.

I want the fediverse to grow to the point where it is second nature to replicate.

That's the beauty of all this. We can great an environment that encourages growth rather than 21st century tech fiefdoms.

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@monbonica This is a great guide by @platypus that helped me start figuring this place out. Hopefully it'll help?

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Hi, I'm an ESL teacher in Colombia, though I'm in the process of going back home to England to study for my PGCE (Teaching Licence).

A lover of all things knowledge and new, so feel free to talk about anything. I love a good discussion.

Background in Art, special education and being an introvert.

Sadly the word Mastodon has many meanings, I think it's actually a book publisher also, so I can't find a paper guidebook either. This is how I felt when I first tried to figure out BTC. Exasperated I am.

@marcjones Funny about the mansplaining. Mansplaining is when someone grabs my oil dipstick as I'm checking my oil and tries to show me how to do it. I basically just grab it back and do that "bitch scare" thing so they scurry away. That's mansplaining, luv. ;) (See what I did there?) hehe

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Basic Mastodon functions, possible mansplaining (sorry) 

@Analog See, I don't know what that means! Is it like a secret code that one day if you've been a loyal Mastodon and elder will take you aside and teach you? Re: Rite of passage to mistakenly post to an entire instance...

@Analog True. But.... I'm seriously needing a guide book here. I want to invite all my friends, but they'll NEVER go for this. And my nerd friends already are here. There's no way I'll get my regular friends here. :(

😎 To all Mastodonians, Why are all the stars, boosts, private m's, follower m's, public and federated m's so difficult!!!!!!!???? I feel like reading an owner's manual for a brand new Pentium, where the family just wants to get on and play Frogger. It's freaking 2019, if my mgmnt of "Read-it-Before" and HTML can't get me thru this morass, who can really be helped by this?? Woe is me.

@webmind Yeah, I'm trying to figure out all these stars and mutes and boosts myself.

@tootbrute Are we talking about working for Chinese English tutor companies that flagrantly and consistently violate our 1099 U.S. IRS employment rules? There are thousands of Americans doing this, possibly tens of thousands.

[1099 status] As a follow up, according to my attorney, they are cheating you at about a rate of 7 % because as an employee that's what they should be paying into your U.S. social security. The more you know.

Who here in the U.S. works online for those Chinese companies that teach English? Does it occur to anyone that they are violating ALL of the 1099 (independent contractor) rules. You can't change your schedule, you HAVE to follow your schedule, you HAVE to have minimum hours and you (almost) can't even call in sick.

I tried to "catch" them doing this, but I can't because they don't have offices in the U.S. Technically, yes I know doing business in the States gives us jurisdiction--but ....

@peg Thanks for this idea, I believe "Introducing Plato" will be my next book.

I want to mute EFF, but I'm just dying for them to get the CW notice. So... I wait.😎

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