So apparently Springer has this thing where they can recommend other journals for papers that have been rejected at one of their outlets. There were a couple of interesting choices in the list, and the added benefit is that almost all of their titles are covered by an OA agreement with my university.

Unfortunately, I already resubmitted my paper elsewhere. I'm fast like that when I'm sick of projects and really want to get rid of them. πŸ˜›

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what is the bes Linux distro for typing Traditional Chinese?

I need: -zhuyin, -pinyin

Debian sucks for this.

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Wine varietal #234: Juhfark, a white grape from Hungary. Spices, stone fruits, and a nice fresh structure, and more individual than what can usually be found in its price range.

And added bonus is the name, which sounds like something out of Tolkien.

Number of real emails today: 1

Number of emails from fake publications: 3

And it's just noon πŸ™„

Cornish pastis + Cornish pasties = an extremely satisfying rhyming lunch

I just realized that the reason I haven't been able to create accounts on the ScholarOne platform because Adguard was getting in the way somehow.

I guess I should add Adguard to the acknowledgements section of my last publication - it kept me from sending my paper to a probably much slower journal!

Desk rejected in one day by RIO. I do love their fast turnaround (and Axel tends to give useful feedback)!

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I just discovered tstransform for Stata. Lots of fun little functions for time-series and panel estimation!

Or, a way to keep from having to use 2-3 lines of code for a lot of common data-cleaning functions.

I just realized the revision of a research note I'm reviewing is 61 pages long. It's for a good quality journal (but third tier by just about all impact factors).

This is one of the things I hate about my field.

Why Aren't People Boosting My Toots and Other Very Valid Questions

Hedgie in colour!

This one was out really late last night so we caught it in colour!

When Charles Francis Jenkins presented his television prototype in 1925, he called it RADIOVISION. Why did we stop using that word?! It's clearly better than television...

Password rules like:

8-20 characters
At least one number
At least one uppercase letter
At least one lowercase letter
No spaces or special characters like -, #, %

... wait what?

@Eunomia would you care to comment on the apparent chatlog leaks accusing members of the fediverse of being "paranoid", "spreading gossip", and "making up ... ridiculous scenarios"?

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