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Overthinking reviewer comments during R&R's is my new hobby.

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An interesting take on the harm of declining journal acceptance rates in economics from 2012. Interesting to note that JPET hit 10% in 2012; that's like a second-tier specialist journal.

In IPE/IR/political science, it's the same thing:
Intl Organization, 10% -> 5%
Intl Studies Quarterly, 25% -> 10%
Rev. Intl Organizations, 25% -> 5%
Rev. Intl Political Econ., 30% -> 10%

In most cases, these outlets are all publishing fewer articles than they did 5-10 years ago.

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Interesting read on Pelikaan watches 

I hadn't heard of this brand before today. The founder got his start in watchmaking the same way I did, although he clearly went much farther. His work on the pallet fork is quite interesting, and I really like the sector dials.

Does anyone have the report by Liggett & Woolhiser "Difference solutions of the shallow-water equation"? I am unable to get it from my library.

Bandcamp Daily did a feature on Mills College's experimental musical legacy. A timely tribute since the college is beginning the closing process this year:

If you have a favourite Fediverse account that you want to promote to others, you can feature it on your public Mastodon profile.

Go to the profile of the account you want to feature, click on "..." and then "Feature on profile". (To remove, go to the profile again and select "Don't feature on profile".)

You can add as many as you want, but only four random ones will be displayed at any one time. They are visible on your public profile page (you can see this by clicking on your avatar).

Religion in the US 

Ryan Burge (Eastern Illinois) and a 538 writer comment on polling and the decline of formal affiliation to organized religion in the US. Basically, the polling raises more questions than it answers.

The discussion also excludes Asian Americans, but Hispanics only started getting discussed by white academics like a decade ago (or less), so maybe we'll be included sometime in the next twenty years. :BlobCatGooglyShrug:

Lobbying in the UK 

The upshot of the Cameron-Greensill scandal is that even the Right is calling for reform (the linked piece below is by a former editor of the Sunday Times).

The UK, like most countries, is very opaque about influence peddling. The EU has the Joint Transparency Register, but everything done at the national level is essentially invisible. As a result, almost everything we know about lobbying and its effects, apart from anecdotes, comes from the EU or US.

NFTs, IP law 

Kal Raustiala (UCLA) and Christopher Sprigman (NYU) dissect NFTs from a legal perspective.

UK covid 

Apparently we're collecting all the variants... right as the restrictions are really being lifted.

50 years later and this is still the greatest legal response ever made

Experimental landscape. Blue and red. Town on the coast.

Visualization of climate change, deforestation, urbanization and much more!

Melting glaciers and dwindling forests ... Google's latest feature, #Timelapse, is an eye opening tool, that provides visual clues of how much #Earth has changed due to #climate #change and #human behaviour.

Removing elements such as clouds and shadows, they created a vivid time-lapse from footage taken since 1984.

Great hint from: @DigitalOffgrider

Google FLoC update 

Vivaldi has come out against FLoC. I guess all the big players still haven't made a decision.

Long covid and ME/CFS article, british medical institutional ableism 

Monbiot gets bother from PACE trial author Michael Sharpe, who is doubling down on a biopsychosocial model of ME/CFS and is now applying the same model to long covid (which is likely itself to be ME/CFS). Monbiot is right to draw attention to the malpractice of the PACE trial, particularly to its close association with the DWP. An epidemic of Long covid is going to draw a backlash from the DWP et al.

"Sentences are made wonderfully one at a time."
- Gertrude Stein, "Sentences and Paragraphs" (1936)

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