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Hi! I've been watching Mastodon evolve for awhile and finally decided to take the plunge. I'm (somewhat permanently) based at a London university. My research largely revolves around quantitative political economy, with lots of overlap with business studies, different subfields of economics, international relations, and comparative politics. I also teach and am recovering from an overburdening administrative role. I plan to toot on a wider range of interests...

Someone needs to train a bot to open millions of websites requiring google captcha confirmation, and then intentionally get them all as wrong as possible, for as long as possible.

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An interesting take on the divergent (hypocritical) attitudes toward similar apparent behaviors between the richest and poorest

Varietals #213 & 214: Regent and Rondo, a pair of modern hybrids and recent entrants to commercial viticulture. This example was in a blend by Glyndwr in Wales, a pleasantly fruity and approachable wine. 🍷

Any environmental or sustainability scientist/researcher here who could be interested to join us preparing an article to express our concerns about the possibility of a presidency in ?

We already have a working draft and need people to edit and endorse the doc.

Colleague: I tried calling you earlier, but your number didn't seem to go through.

Me: I unplugged my phone. Seems like it's working!

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Two media requests today, neither in my areas of expertise. Now I'm a bit curious as to what people think it is that I do.

What are peoples opinions on micro leaning apps. Things like duolingo and Google Primer. Do you suppose they actually work?

One of my pet peeves about collaborative research is that just about all of my coauthors use Dropbox. Because I really wanted to spend research funds on a subscription for a service I try to avoid using...

Apparently some people here keep chipmunks as pets. I wonder how Gus Gus would like to have a little furry friend.

IMF members are pledging to avoid using their currencies as a trade weapon. This makes sense, as the global nature of production means that any use of monetary policy as a trade weapon is, to some extent, self harming.

1984: We can't talk here, they might have bugs to wiretap us.

2018: Bug, order me some pizza!

The super short punchline for a different project:

Climate change makes some of the poorest people in the world worse off. It's not a good thing.

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