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An interesting take on the harm of declining journal acceptance rates in economics from 2012. Interesting to note that JPET hit 10% in 2012; that's like a second-tier specialist journal.

In IPE/IR/political science, it's the same thing:
Intl Organization, 10% -> 5%
Intl Studies Quarterly, 25% -> 10%
Rev. Intl Organizations, 25% -> 5%
Rev. Intl Political Econ., 30% -> 10%

In most cases, these outlets are all publishing fewer articles than they did 5-10 years ago.

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Interesting read on Pelikaan watches 

I hadn't heard of this brand before today. The founder got his start in watchmaking the same way I did, although he clearly went much farther. His work on the pallet fork is quite interesting, and I really like the sector dials.

Masks, teaching 

Are any of you teaching friends looking at masks that are clear for lip reading?
I'm thinking about getting one explicitly for teaching, but I'd like to hear your input

It's a thing how in different fields papers go under review for different periods of time and it makes me want to die

how am i supposed to live knowing i'll never experience Bear Comfort

Potentially lewd restaurant name 

Caribbean takeaway in New Cross called Cummin' Up

New journal! CFP

We invite brief essays that consider what agendas should drive Rhetoric, Politics, & Culture. In what ways can the journal function as a corrective to hegemonic intellectual norms? How can it disrupt other professional practices that trade in the marginalization of oppressed communities in higher education? What responsibilities does the journal have toward its various publics and communities--specifically communities that are historically and 1/

UC Santa Cruz Reinstates 41 Graduate Students After Months-Long Strike

"'The fact that we came away from this with a housing stipend and a guaranteed five years of fundings, which many didn’t have before, plants the seeds for a larger sustained movement,'" LuLing Osofsky, a reinstated graduate student in the history of art and visual culture, told Motherboard."

Congrats to the reinstated grad students at UCSC!

UK recession, covid adjacent 

Biggest drop in the G7, along with highest covid death toll in Europe.

That's leadership, BoJo and Tory style.

I just got my first academic job since finishing my PhD in 2017, so I'm celebrating with a new account!

I'm interested in energy transitions and will be working on an electric vehicle-to-grid (V2G) trial as social researcher.

I'm also into architectural science and questioning the ubiquity of engineered solutions to human comfort.

I'm now a faculty associate or whatever at UCL's Center for United States Politics.

It literally started with me congratulating my office mate on getting it off the ground, and him responding, 'hey, wanna be a part of it?'.

I wanna borrow his playbook and create a UCL Center for Things That Interest Me. It may be a bit eclectic, but it'll be interesting (at least for me)!

Racism in social sciences 

psychologists doing studies like 'omg Black men who are poor and are addicts and mentally ill and are in prison are more likely to abuse animals'
political scientists 'Black men are more likely to be imprisoned because racism'

This is why intersectionality is important.

Watch stuff 

I was looking into doing a project based on the Peseux 7001 movement awhile back, and basically the only options for cases and the like were vintage. This also meant small diameter, even though I dislike very large watches.

So it's exciting that Zelos is releasing a 38mm diameter 7001-based watch with some unique dial finishes.

!! My pop article on the history of neoliberalism is good for publishing in The Activist History Review, and it's going to come out later this month as a one-off 😎

oh coffee, i love you. let's never fight.

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