This post, on the subtle ways of signalling the "not one of us" message to EU immigrants in Scotland, really hit home to me.

"So… you want us to stay?" by Alex Laursen

Yesterday's TFP estimation routine ended with an indeterminate matrix. Trying a different method today, but options are fairly limited due to data constraints. Thanks, SEC.

Bradley Whitford reflecting on The West Wing 

Running prodest (total factor productivity estimation routine) with 100,000 iterations so, yeah, I'm being productive.

And mindlessly bouncing stress balls off the wall.

one of the weirdest things about american culture is that it is obsessed with an ostensible notion of personal responsibility but is utterly hostile to holding men accountable for taking advantage of others

O m f g!

Drop everything and read this overview by Cass Sunstein about what I’d like to call #MusicLab 2.0

They did MusicLab but instead of songs, they asked *lightly* political questions (“should companies be taxed where they’re headquartered”, “should bitcoin be banned” etc.). In the worlds where participants could see previous votes, Repubs vs Democrats flip flopped!

WOW 👏!! Via #DuncanWatts himself.

Eight page PDF, Macy et al.:

One of the great things about British customer service is that if you solicit 5-6 bids, you won't have to worry about turning anyone down because 4-5 won't even bother to respond.

Grants are butts. Even more so the bigger they are.

US politics, malapportionment 

#freedombox help 

I was just reminded of a visit to Fierce Beers in Edinburgh with a couple of friends. We were tasting our sixth or seventh beer when the bartender, looking super excited, asked my friend, 'DO YOU LIKE NUTS?' Paused... 'In your beer?'

He was completely oblivious of this until his colleague burst out laughing.

Also, peanut stout is wayyyyyyy better than any peanut butter!

This Is Just To Say
I have eaten
the London A-Z
that was in
the glove compartment
and which
you were probably saving
for navigating the streets of inner london in an era before the mainstream availability of GPS technology
Forgive me
i ate a map and i don’t have a good excuse

UK visa costs, academia 

I wrote a very personal piece about being an Asian American archaeologist for Sister STEM and Science Rising's latest series on politics, identity, and STEM.

So cool that I don't have to second-mark MSc theses for the first time ever.

But I also kinda miss the emails from my colleagues telling me they finally finished assigning the initial grade.

what if: we stopped pretending like remembering other people's names is normal and not remembering them is somehow a fault and instead actually accepted that most people have trouble with this expectation and we started to act accordingly?

US racist/homophobe 

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