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An interesting take on the harm of declining journal acceptance rates in economics from 2012. Interesting to note that JPET hit 10% in 2012; that's like a second-tier specialist journal.

In IPE/IR/political science, it's the same thing:
Intl Organization, 10% -> 5%
Intl Studies Quarterly, 25% -> 10%
Rev. Intl Organizations, 25% -> 5%
Rev. Intl Political Econ., 30% -> 10%

In most cases, these outlets are all publishing fewer articles than they did 5-10 years ago.

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Interesting read on Pelikaan watches 

I hadn't heard of this brand before today. The founder got his start in watchmaking the same way I did, although he clearly went much farther. His work on the pallet fork is quite interesting, and I really like the sector dials.

"Lighthouse Foundation is distributing $100 grants to black LGBTQ+ people in Chicagoland who have encountered difficult times due to COVID-19 and the ramifications of white supremacist violence."

(Physical) attacks on the press in the US 

Primarily from cops. I wonder how this will influence the US ranking in crossnational democracy and press-freedom indices.

i wanna be like "i'm tired"

but then i feel i just got here, me and my 28 years can't be tired yet

my black elders have seen at least 2-3x as much of this as i have

many of them still out here fighting

should make me feel invigorated? sometimes it does

but it also makes me tired.

Queer outlet made a reading list of essays about the Black experience of living in America
They are all accessible.
For those of us who teach, I think this could be invaluable as educators to assign our students

wanda coleman | sonnet on huey newton 

Check out Wanda Coleman's transformation of Huey Newton's revolutionary rhetoric into a sonnet:

UK contact tracing, covid-adjacent 

Looks like the contact-tracing system has already been spoofed!

I didn't know it was off the ground yet.

'The now is heavy with the past. An anti-fascist future depends upon knowing this past. Medics work towards this future informed by a muddied past.'

and . In Qatar, last Friday it became compulsory to download and use the EHTERAZ contact tracing app. Amnesty International raises the alarm not only about the fact that the app is extremely invasive (using GPS to track everyone's location) but was also not secure, with a known vulnerability leaking highly sensitive personal information, including the name, national ID, health status and location data of more than one million users.

black lives matter!!!

i don't want to be a silent kitten about everything going on, i want to be a loud and brave kitten for the sake of my friends.

if you disagree with that pls unfollow me, i don't want to be your friend :blobcathissing:

UK outsourcing, immigration 

Β£1 billion bid for the next visa & citizenship provider. Maybe they'll do better than the current one? πŸ™ƒ

UK higher education 

Scottish and Welsh universities are complaining louder about the cap on English students.

There's a mention of 'unscrupulous behaviour' by English universities, but I'm curious if anyone can or will name names, as I hadn't actually seen anything like that from anywhere.

Granted, I can't be bothered to follow the usual HE mouthpieces...

The reason given for my site suspension: 'it was a network error, it has now been fixed'.

Um, how about not talking to me like I'm five?

Suggestions for preferably EU-based hosting providers?

HostISO just suspended my professional site without warning or, from what I can tell, cause.

I've noticed an interesting pattern in a number of my students' papers in which large blocks of text significantly match those of essays submitted to other universities but no underlying source.

Make that 8 potential cases. I really liked this last one too.

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