I should distribute documents to colleagues and students as .xps because who's ever done that before?

The thing I love most about enterprisesurveys.org is that they updated their website and now most of the stuff doesn't work. Everything else just takes forever to load.

Hello everyone, glad to have joined you on this instance. I have already been active in Mastodon for a while, but this is my first time on this instance and I am looking forward to exploring it more.

I am not in academia myself, but am interested in the following research topics: labour on corporate social networks and, more generally, the political economy of technology, alternative social media, marxism, philosophy, geopolitics, history, mental health and left-wing politics.

Estimating grouped data models with a binarydependent variable and fixed effects: What are the issues? (Nathaniel Beck)


I need to fax this repeatedly to the several reviewers in the past who complained about the incidental parameters problem in my skewed logits, regular logits, conditional logits, and mixed-effect logits. :blobwhee:

I was thinking Corrections would be fun too, until I realized it was a journal about prisons and not mistakes.

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I really wanna publish something in one of these journals with totally opaque names, like Omega or Prometheus.

According to data from WhoTracks.me, the may have actually helped to consolidate the power of the giants of .


I'm ready for the things I did because they told me "it will help your career later" to start helping my career

Inside baseball-y insult 

Pro tip from R2: Be careful when you say you provide the first evidence of anything, especially when it's for a topic that's been studied for decades, especially when you don't cite the widely referenced book on the subject.

A sea urchin solution


I really hope this leads to greater uni availability in the UK and at lower prices, although £2 per urchin at one of the Borough Market fishmongers is a nice (and always very popular) deal when in season. 🐟

It's WORLD PANGOLIN DAY! My timeline does not have enough pangolins on it considering this fact and nor does yours, so please accept this contribution.

The US says Huawei has been spying through 'backdoors' designed for law enforcement β€” which is what the US has been pressuring tech companies to do for years

I seem to be putting together a research cluster on the political economy of climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa. One former student/current co-author, one colleague, one current student, one server cluster, and a crapload of data. There could be something to this, as far as external funding and intra-departmental 'research environment' stuff for the REF go.

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