Somehow, I'm doing a four-year panel case study of Laotian firms...

So apparently worse perceptions of domestic institutional quality spur growth-enhancing behaviours.

Or, I just really need better data than the Enterprise Surveys.

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@galego_daluz Honestly, this take is so naive that I can't believe you're here in good faith

I currently work and live in central Missouri, where there's a lot of flooding; most of the locals say it hasn't been this bad since 1993.

PBS has a list of resources at, and I'm looking to see if Mutual Aid Disaster Relief has any operations out here.

If anyone's interested in helping me out, or can point me in a good direction, please drop me a line.

Looks like I've inherited another MSc thesis student, which puts it at three over the last three years. I guess this is why the allocation committee gave me 14 students this year instead of the expected 15.

Crazy dumb idea: shipping marshmallows

Like shipping popcorn, only edible and sweet!

Cello neighbor seems to have just been a temporary thing πŸ˜•

Ugh, I got a third-tier press asking me to submit a book proposal on China's Belt & Road Initiative.

Every year, I tell all my students I don't want to supervise on this topic because it's overrated and the data are shit.

I don't trust sources that discuss "postmodernism" unless they're discussing how the right uses the term anymore.

It's like the term doesn't seem to mean anything besides "lets group these philosophers together that vaguely critiqued enlightenment thinking in minor ways and then pin them as a problem group to have their work Destroyed By Facts And Logic (What Do You Mean Logic Deserves Critique? Damn Marxist!)"

Got the green light on a pair of papers for a policy/practitioner journal!

Now just waiting for co-author input on the first one.

Lighten up on yourself. No one is perfect. Gently accept your humanness. ~ Deborah Day

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The tribulations of a former erswhile handbook chapter Show more

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