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An interesting take on the harm of declining journal acceptance rates in economics from 2012. Interesting to note that JPET hit 10% in 2012; that's like a second-tier specialist journal.

In IPE/IR/political science, it's the same thing:
Intl Organization, 10% -> 5%
Intl Studies Quarterly, 25% -> 10%
Rev. Intl Organizations, 25% -> 5%
Rev. Intl Political Econ., 30% -> 10%

In most cases, these outlets are all publishing fewer articles than they did 5-10 years ago.

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Interesting read on Pelikaan watches 

I hadn't heard of this brand before today. The founder got his start in watchmaking the same way I did, although he clearly went much farther. His work on the pallet fork is quite interesting, and I really like the sector dials.

UK trade silliness 

Department for International Trade got roasted for a tweet about soy sauce tariffs with Japan...

The gist of it is that, following Brexit, Japanese soy sauce imports will face a 0% tariff because of the JPN-UK deal (rather than 6% WTO cap), which is the same as the currently applied EU-JPN deal. But the UK also imports a lot of soy sauce produced in the EU, so it's still fucked unless it can pull off an agreement with the EU.


So I took Hemingway's "A Very Short Story" & made it even shorter:

Lonely & rainy battalion, night duty for 3 months. The spring, the operating table, a joke about friend or enema. Luz sat, hot night, she loved how impossible it was missing him, dim & quiet. After awhile the searchlights came out. There were chimney swifts in the sky.

US police violence mention 

In light of the recent killing of Walter Wallace Jr by the Philadelphia police, I took the liberty of making a $100 donation to the Philly Bail Fund on behalf of

Others with the means to do so are also encouraged to help out however they can, proportionate to their ability

I'm an incoming research professor at Pennsylvania State University. Interested in using population genetics methods to understand evolution in marine species, particularly those in the tropical Indo-Pacific.

Also interested in promoting open, equitable science, especially capacity-building for marine biodiversity assessment in developing countries. Co-founder of the Diversity of the Indo-Pacific Network.

🎢 Adminβ€” administrative tasks
Adminβ€” administrative tasks

You'll never get it right
But still you gotta try

Oh no you failed the form is wrong
Do it again try not to cry, it'sβ€”

Adminβ€” administrative tasks
Adminβ€” administrative tasks 🎢

(Then you start the song again at the beginning)

US politics in comparative perspective 

V-Dem has a new dataset out on party positions. The largest shift in any individual party is that of the GOP over the past several years.

Oh wow, don't even need Greene to burn R2... even Wikipedia says I'm right! 🀣

(as I spend a little time running a pair of multinomial logit models to dump in the appendix anyway, because I didn't bother to save results the first time around)

The ZDNet reports this is part of a larger action:

"RIAA blitz takes down 18 GitHub projects used for downloading YouTube videos"

and isn't a DMCA 512 takedown:

Although GitHub classified the RIAA letter as a DMCA takedown request, it is not one. As Public Knowledge Legal Director John Bergmayer pointed out today on Twitter, RIAA isn't alleging the library infringed on its rights, but that the library is illegal in itself.

This isn’t really a DMCA request. I don’t see an assertion that youtube-dl is an infringing work. Rather the claim is that it’s illegal per se

β€” John Bergmayer (@bergmayer) October 23, 2020

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I always feel weird submitting papers to journals over email, even if it is a lot less upfront work than an editorial manager.

I also feel a bit sorry for the editors who have to parse out the submission emails from their day-to-day correspondence.

Just so folks know - academics don't get paid for journals or any publication except books that They are the first name author of, and occasionally if there are graphs and whatnot you have to pay for those to be included (more likely in STEM)

Horrible edtech 

I think my department has moved away from exams for at least the year, but this company's behavior makes a great case for avoiding any situation that involves online/remote exams (beyond the highly intrusive nature of this sort of software).

UK higher ed, covid and on-site work 

Not a good look for Birmingham and Staffordshire.

I'm not sure how the 'on-campus experience' is in any way essential to a university degree.

It's also funny that I'd never heard of some of these places until they hit the news for their poor handling of covid-related developments.

Gerbil stuff 

We had this little wooden tray with a hole in each corner in the playpen. Thelonious had chewed on one of them a bit and decided to squeeze through it.

He got stuck and started kicking the bedding inside the tray with his rear legs. Had to pick him (and the tray) up and break him loose. The funny thing was that he totally calmed down and stopped kicking when I picked him up, and then hung out for a bit before scooting off. He returned to destroy a bit more of the box in revenge.

Sexual harassment in philosophy 

There is a statement here that philosophers are signing:

anyone have access to _The sign of the cannibal: Melville and the making of a postcolonial reader_ by geoffrey sanborn as a pdf/epub? (looks like it might be only available as a print book? i can access it as an ebook but can't download it and would ideally like to be able to)

Advice requested regarding email and unscrupulous companies 

I use when I share my email. Lately, a Canadian brick and mortar business has been sharing my email all over the place. I definitely didn’t give them permission to do that. Is there a way to report them? Is it even illegal on their part?

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