Just discovered Socarxiv, essentially a clone of arxiv for social sciences, although steering is overwhelmingly dominated by sociologists.

Looks like it still might be a good alternative to SSRN (recently acquired by Elsevier), which has become significantly less open over the past few years.

@mplouffe I recently posted to socarxiv for the first time and noticed a few annoyances.

First, it's not just dominated by sociologists, but by U.S. sociologists, and they paid no attention to existing initiatives (like HAL in France) or to the sociological subfields that exist elsewhere in the world. (Instead, their categories are just based on ASA sections.) 1/

Second, the OSF site they're based on is a really bloated javascript application that is laggy on older hardware and won't work at all without js enabled.

That may not be par for the course these days, but it really breaks accessibility. 2/2

@jboy I was referring to the leadership group. I'm not familiar enough with sociology as a field to speak to its international diversity, but from your comment it sounds like they have significant blind spots within their own field, not just all those adjacent to it.

@mplouffe that's certainly true as well, and related to my first point. It's like sociology outside the US simply doesn't exist for them.

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