UK health stuff in higher ed 

We now have these in the department's toilets, I guess for anyone who didn't get this stuff hammered into them in preschool. They did forget to add the bit about washing hands after using the loo...

Bladder or tadpole snails are fascinating. In water with low or no current, they can change their buoyancy, slowly floating up or down in the water column. It's funny watching their little eyes looking for landing spots above or below them. This one was heading down.

Two fishie friends, an otto and a Japanese ricefish, probably chatting about the little blue shrimp population explosion.

This is actually a real thing. Clearly taking a break from grading (because apparently we're not allowed to hand this stuff off to PhD students) and recording a video of how to best fling a mortarboard into the nearest senior administrator's eye is a good use of my time. πŸ™„

I got a new Chinese holly bonsai, so of course I stuck little cats all over it.

I guess that could make it a lame attempt at penjing?

(selfie with eye contact in the first picture)

Good day - wine tasting and I got my cello back from the luthier, all set up now. It sounds absolutely amazing, thanks to Gareth Ballard.

Supply chains in action 

I made this diagram of a Boeing Dreamliner for a National Economic Education Delegation presentation. Couldn't quite fit in Saab's contribution.

Here, everything is assembled by Boeing in the US. It's pretty easy to see where the Trump administration's trade war is likely to significantly increase their costs.

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