US trade policy 

US trade policy 

Draining the swamp indeed 

@troubleMoney Huh, I would've picked him for a Hublot Big Bang kinda guy. Or maybe a Panerai... those are massive.

predatory journal spam 

@Cyborgneticz That's me in like every faculty meeting I've attended... except for the ones where I just doodle or play phone games the entire time.

The 2018 end-of-year report from the editor of Economic Inquiry is eight months late and hidden behind a paywall πŸ™ƒ

At least they provide good submission figures on the first page - acceptance rate was about 16%.

Google originality reports 

@Cyborgneticz Ahh, I had to do them for something while back. Such a pain in the butt compared to footnotes.

ILR application successful!

A bit surprised nothing got messed up, given the Home Office's reputation and track record.

@Cyborgneticz That was something I would have had to purchase on my own in grad school, so I never used it. Still haven't ever bothered to properly set up Mendelay or Zotero rather than do everything manually.

Job search, alt ac 

Job search, alt ac 

Job search, alt ac 

@ansugeisler I'm guessing R2 is perpetually unimpressed with their identification techniques and a very vindictive individual.

Having said that, making a good empirical model for this would probably be outside most macroeconomists' regular toolbox. A lasso approach would probably work as a starting point.

it's hard enough trying to find a way to love someone knowing they might someday be gone, so maybe let's not make it even harder for one another

@drbjork @Linuxtjej That's close to my office. Which day works better for you? If it's sunny and nice out, Euston Tap is quite nice. Marquis Cornwallis, a bit farther south, is a good and more traditional-looking pub just north of the British Museum.

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