I'm trying to take more control of my data (i.e. stop using Google for everything), so I'm trying to figure out what to do.

Does anyone know of a checklist or an extensive guide to self-hosting and related things?

I've looked into a few services but it's confusing, there are so many things out there. Does anyone use NextCloud?

@mprv people use a lot of NextCloud, OpenVPN, XMPP/Jabber, self-hosted fediverse instances, etc. there is a subreddit, if i'm not mistaken, called 'selfhosted', where people discuss exactly what you're looking for.

@mprv I use Nextcloud. I'm not entirely happy with my provider but it's okay. I bring up my home server from time to time.
I'd check @freedomboxfndn and @cloud too!

@mprv I use Nextcloud for everything (contacts, calendar, files, you name it!)

@mprv Using for quite some time now, they offer calendar & contacts sync which (at the moment ) I don't want to host myself.

No, what's that? From a quick look to their feed it looks like something related to internet connectivity on the go.

@SetecAstronomy @cloud

Semi Long Expansion on Parent Toot 

Helps if we actually publish the picture referenced...


Attached to this post...

It is a little messy presently but we're hoping to find a proper shelf for it all.

c/ @remotenemesis @mprv @kemonine @cloud @SetecAstronomy
Many of us uses #Nextcloud and many more #foss apps.

Have you started using good secure Email ?


I'm using ProtonMail, what do you suggest?

I've been using for long.

Set up my self hosting Mail server with YunoHost.

Good you have ProtonMail, I suggest you to move towards self hosting with YunoHost if you free adventurous 😀
I've setup Yunohost on Digital Ocean and Mail server.

Unfortunately, DO is blocking SMTP port?

Which provider do u use?

@rmdes good to know this.

Read on the forum about smtp port request but not sure DO will open up.

But you said it.

Thank u for bearing good news for me
@rmdes u know, my bad,

I am using Godaddy shared hosting for Emails alone.

$10 for shared hosting monthly.
@rmdes between do you have any idea why all mails on inbox disappeared ?

I've not contacted to support team. I know they will try to promote to use their business email service.

I want to figure it out why on a particular inbox msg missing

Yeah I do. Nextcloud is pretty awesome and having this, host your own mail and then the services you need. Check out, that's my project on selfhosted services for the family. It's not that hard to implement and maintain.

@mprv I've been doing this in varying degrees for about 8 years. I use self-hosted Nextcloud for files, contacts and calendar with Plex for serving media from there (I did use Emby for a while). I've never found a decent Google Docs replacement, and I've decided that it's easier to pay for an email account. I use Gandi as they include email with there domain, and it has a good feature set.

@mprv Do you have specific data that youd like to bring under your control? Any specific services youd like to turn off?

We ask mainly because the self hosting stuff is full of technical detail, how to guides and can be quite overwhelming initially...

NextCloud is a great choice that gives a good basis and starting point for breaking free of other providers. For our project we recommend NextCloud over other options to our users.

The list @Are0h posted is also good, we see more than a few great projects listed there. Just be mindful some projects we saw on the list are defunkt/generally dead.

c/ @charlag

The main things would be photos (and I would also like a simple way to share them with friends), notes and files (to replace Dropbox).

@charlag @Are0h

@Are0h @charlag @mprv thats definitely nextcloud

we've got piwigo on our long term list for photo stuff but havent done anything with it yet.

@cloud @mprv @Are0h in my experience browsing photos on Nextcloud sucks but otherwise yes, that's what you're asking for

@mprv biggest tip is to take your time. I've got a mail server, this server, a nextcloud server, an rss server (miniflux) and more, and they're all great but it's been ~6 months of spacing them out and being willing to deal with each one (especially the mail server)

Yes, I definitely need to divide up the setup in small steps. I'll probably post a road map on my personal blog.

I'm in the same situation and have been using NextCloud as replacement for Google Drive, Contacts and Calender. It can sync seamlessly with my Android using an app called Davx5. If you're using iOS I think it has native support for the protocols used by NextCloud.

@mprv Welcome to the self-hosted world 😀 The github post that posted is essentially my bible - When I'm looking for a service, I investigate the options, and usually choose the most consistently upgraded option to test out.
NextCloud is great for a first project! As others have stated, it replaces dropbox/gdrive, calendar, contacts, tasks, bookmarks, even chat/phone/video calls (buggy atm but functional), and its install process is neither the easiest nor the most tricky. You can also add Collabora for a Google Docs replacement. Other critical self-hosting in my arsenal:
airsonic for music streaming
wallabag for pocket replacement
emby for video streaming (to be replaced now that is no longer open source)
tinytinyRSS + rss-bridge for rss reader
friendica for fediverse facebook
Good luck!

I recommend #nextcloud also. I have it installed on a virtual server, and as I recall it was fairly easy to setup. I use it for cloud storage, calendar, and contacts -- it also offers other nice features. For email I'm using Protonmail -- another you might look at is tutanota.

Instead of the Google play store. Try out F-Droid. I still use the play store due to Widget theming and custom icons installed in my phone system. I uninstalled all major Google based apps "Google, Google news, Play movies, Play music, Messenger. Heck I even disabled the assistant app. I still have Google keep because I take alot of notes, "Scrittor" is a good alternative to that. Go Facebook on my phone as well.

I already use f-Droid, thank you for the suggestion. Scrittor looks promising, I'll give it a try.

@transflux Just finished configuring a self hosted instance on a raspberry pi.
Can confirm, very nice.

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