I'm writing a paper, and I've found a decent approach to keep things organized:

1) Everything is in a repo, and i collaborate with the other authors through (private repo, for now).
Changes to the text are discussed through github issues and PR.

2) To overcome writer's block I wrote a one line comment where each paragraph will be, so that I get an idea of the logic of the paper.
The paragraphs then are folded (using ) into the one line summaries, to keep the overview.

Sounds really good. I've been looking for a solution to #2 every now and then, i.e. how to toggle between viewing the full text and an outline without maintaining separate files.

Come to think of it, maybe occur mode could do this with some kind of markers for the outline elements (I'm using emacs)

Does it still work if the file is a *. tex? I'm not very familiar with org-mode, but I've heard extraordinarily good things about it.

@mprv @mmin I believe org mode supports embedding LaTeX though I haven't tried it. I just scratch the surface of org-mode functionality for my general note-taking!


I see. I've watched a video about org-mode and the folding functionality looks very good!

I've tried using emacs in the past, but the keybindings don't click for me :BlobCatGooglyShrug:

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