Lovely! You will soon need a much bigger apartment 😁

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It's just measuring how well you can train to do this overly specific kind of test, which requires extremely little physics understanding.

I'm happy it was waived on my application (I started a PhD after a master level program), but I wish it was abolished for everyone.

@vickysteeves - 3/3

@vickysteeves @thelibrarian
Are we saying that I have to take the English GRE in top of that AND take the TOEFL exam with a score equivalent to C2?
That's entirely redundant.

The field-specific GRE is even more of a joke: the kind of problems appearing in that test can be solved by any applicant, but not in 20 seconds per question - 2/3

I can only talk about my field, but the GRE as a prerequisite is a joke.
The one that essentially measures English competence is useless because all physics textbooks above a certain level are in English, all publications are in English, and even in my country of origin (Italy) you often find that universities teach master level classes in English - 1/3

If this second person were to be assigned as referee, should she suggest her own paper? Of course. But the publisher should keep in mind the conflict of interest. - 2/2

I'm not sure if this should be automatically disqualifying, sometimes in a very small community the referee might be the author of the most relevant work that would honestly improve the reviewed paper.
I witnessed this a few weeks ago: I was at a conference where essentially all 30 people working in the field were in the same room, and the speaker presented a bunch of results that were already published by a member of the audience - 1/2

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let's test a platform for shared conference notes 

Wasn't there an app that translated signs using augmented reality?
Maybe Google translate?

I don't know what AMP is, but this looks unsafe.

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In the case of cakes, which you don't let rise for any significant amount of time, I expect the difference to be negligible. Unless of course you mix directly the yeast with something harmful (salt, ice or boiling water).

In any case, I'm sure we can find a study if we search hard enough.
@paladin1 - 2/2

I think there is a difference between using live yeast or dry yeast, and maybe even between different strains of yeast.

For example, I know what when making bread you should prevent direct contact between salt and yeast, because that kills it. But in that case you want the yeast to be the *first* ingredient to be mixed, which gives it enough time to activate and be uniformly mixed with the other ingredients - 1/2

That's PHP's fault and I feel your pain 😁

Thank you. I'm still a bit confused: 1.625 is equally distant from both 1.63 and 1.62, what do you mean by "round to nearest"?
It looks you are always breaking ties by rounding up

I'm sorry, I didn't know that when handling money you the standard was to always round up.
I mentioned that because I come from a physics background, so we are very careful about systematic errors.
If the functions are inconsistent that's damning, and you should complain to the developers.

A curiosity: why is it rounding handled that way on your field? Doesn't this create a (very small) error always upwards that propagates when adding money?

That might be a feature, not a bug.
When rounding a number ending in 5 you don't always want to round it up, which would cause a bias in sums (and other statistics): one possible approach to prevent this is to flip a fair coin and round up half the time.

If this is not clearly explained in the documentation it's still a bug, though.

If you care about accessibility, please use the ISO 8601 international format for dates:


Bibliography management 

I don't know what the issue is, then. I keep using it, because of the offline maps of not anything else.
I pair it Transit, which works very well with the public transportation system.

Osmand is good for navigation if you know the address of your destination, but in my area (Boston) it has a very hard time finding places by name.
This is a dealbraker for me, unfortunately.

@IzzyOnDroid @switchingsocial @fdroidorg
That's a good idea. The article is yours, so you might want to create the issue yourself. Notice that your screenshots are in German, if you want to make it more accessible you should replace them with English ones.

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