Another question for folks on the instance... I write in and manage in bibtex using bibdesk, but am thinking about moving to + zotfile + BBT ( which can manage auto export of libraries to bibtex, I gather. Anyone else out there have comments re using Zotero for a bib(la)tex scholarly workflow? It’s important to me that I have access to database in the form of bibtex files.

Man kann übrigens Mastodon-Konten auch via RSS-Feed folgen. Dafür muss einfach .rss an die Konto-URL angehängt werden. Für mein Konto also bspw. so:

Geht ebenfalls, wenn man nach einem Hashtag filtern möchte:


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Me: So how do I find a long-term apartment in Berlin

Berlin people: You uhhh kinda gotta know someone

Me: :ohno:

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Hello. I'm a researcher/technologist with a focus on biomedical informatics. Main focus is creating novel software tools to help clinicians and researchers do their research. I also like trying out new software tech, with an interest in privacy focussed tools.

Outside academia most of my time is spent looking after my young son, but when I get a chance I also like listening to, playing and writing music.

Looking forward to contributing!

I totally love this piece on why everyone needs to start building personal websites again by @laura - eloquently captures all the values I’m chasing in my own scholarship and internet presence without being heavy handed.

Quick poll: is anyone here running an instance of or to host personal content (e.g. lectures, public teaching etc)?

New article on technological, social, ethical, and legal aspects of clinical genomics published by our group in European Neuropsychopharmacology

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Over the last few days we've had constant requests to respond to's 'The ecosystem is moving' blog post & recent 36c3 talk - we've tried to articulate Matrix's viewpoint over at

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Haben die Oma mit „na, du alte Umweltsau!“ begrüßt und erst musste sie sehr lachen, danach waren wir gemeinsam bestürzt über das Verhalten von Tom Buhrow.

Hey all, quick question: Are there any really good insightful videos/lectures/articles on open source business models out there? I've been dwelling over the statement that the service/support-based model is not sustainable for a few weeks and all the expert opinions I heard so far just resolve to shifting away from open source licensing in some form or another. Example:

hi all, I'm looking for a postdoc who wants to work in our sysbio group on development of ontologies and be happy with project management. See

Diese Woche: #Greta Thunbergs schockierende Zugfahrt, Robert #Möritz aus der CDU ausgetreten, die Klimakonferenz ohne großen Wurf, #Bahn & #Maut, Rapper verliert gegen den BR, Pakistans Ex-Präsident zum Tode verurteilt und Land des Jahres 2019: Usbekistan.

Happy to see this announced today. This years was a great experience.
Save the Date: - 2nd International Conference of Research Software Engineers in Germany, 25-27 August 2020

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We will be at presenting a Spotlight on Building Blocks for a Secure Infrastructure. Part of the packed open research tools and technologies track on February 1st, 2020.

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