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Sometimes I wish we had something like de-SSI (German software Sustainability Institute) to be able to participate in a coordinated fashion within or @ResearchSoft research software activities. Worth a check! (SJ)

If I'm ever hiring someone by reviewing their Github profile, I'm going to look through comments that they leave on other projects first.

It tells you a lot more about the person than the code that they list tells you about their skill level.

Have an idea for #SORSE? Looking for collaborators? Good news: The #deRSE20 TOPIC BAZAAR lives on in #SORSE!

Have something/-one you'd 🧡 to hear (about)? #SORSE may make that happen, just add your wish to the WISHLIST!


#MakeAWish #Collaborate #RSEng

Sad that #deRSE20 has been cancelled? Here's the new premier venue to submit RSE conf contributions to: #SORSE. Brought to you as a truly intl. collaborative effort by the, @ResearchSoftEng, @ResearchSoftEng, @nl_rse, @us_rse, @nordic_rse, #beRSE, et al. communities!

I'm a new postdoc at the University of Washington eScience Institute. My PhD is in physics but I'm transitioning to developing statistical learning techniques/software for neuroimaging data. More info at

I'm a fan of open science and reproducibility. I enjoy climbing, hiking, and growing up all over again with my daughter.

I'm looking to engage with people with similar research interests and who can help me further develop myself as a data scientist.

Research data infrastructure in Germany 

27 consortia and cross-cutting initiatives have now published their declaration on joint infrastructure development for the ( National Research Data Infrastructure, i.e. the German contribution to ) :

(text is in :de:)

Gross realization about the effects of colonialism on my body; sarcastically overstated adaptationism 

@eearroyo1312 @bgcarlisle you're working in Germany, right? With basic German health insurance you always have dental stuff covered (at least the basics so that the part you may have to pay additionally is affordable)

@bgcarlisle never trust it people :) exchange calendar stuff may be not 100% all the time but apart from that I've been pleasantly surprised by evolution over the last 2 years

We want to know more about #RSEng groups in 🇩🇪! Are there any? Where? In which disciplines & funded how?

Do you work in an RSE group (may be called differently)? Add it to the collaborative list and help us analyze status quo and demand: #ResearchSoftware

Finally, our institute's website is available in new design and english translation. Next goal: RSS newsfeed :)

A new (reverse) acronym to learn for data repositories: TRUST
(Transparency, Responsibiliy, User focus, Sustainability, Technology)

As I see it, this basically summarizes the criteria of for data repositories into a nice catch phrase. The criteria are not as well defined as for , potentially because that's already part of CTS.

Researchers, are you fed up of performing free reviewing work for commercial journals and other venues that put research behind paywalls? To show that you are against this outdated system, you can sign our new pledge "No free view? No review!"

So I'm thinking

If academia is going to be accused of being a big conspiracy of leftist commies

Let's at least give them a fucking reason and unionize

Software development, capitalism 

Wondering why all software and the whole field sucks? Here's what I think is a pretty sharp analysis:

Another one for caturday 

This one's quite dramatic...

Picture of a grey and white cat curled up looking at the camera with just one eye visible among may paws 

It's isn't it?

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