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hi i'm nance! i'm a student studying sign language rhyme and prosody. i also dig learning about cryptanalysis. dan everett liked one of my tweets once

non scholarly stuff: i'm a jewish american from baltimore and i live in sydney. i unironically love the cricket and i'll have a small soy flat white no sugar thanks!

soz for afk its just been One Of Those Weeks yknow :psyduck:

hilarious research participation story 

hilarious research participation story 

dude i dont even care. ill say it. i hate the word webinar

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beginning of the semester anxiety before you find out what kind of grader your prof is and whether he kills on sight for use of singular "data"

white blood cells more like shite blood cells am i right fellow autoimmune disease havers!!!!!!

"Grammar is stored in the brain, semantics is stored in the heart and pee is stored in the balls" (Chomsky, 1965, p. 1).

the idea of committing to a research masters worries me bc i know in my heart i wont be able to study what i truly want (Auslan prosody) bc theyll be like oh well theres no real precedent for such a specific topic so why dont you do something else

how come chompsky and other ancient white dudes could just come right out of the gate declaring shit like "language is stored in the brain" but ill be forced to prove that Auslan is a natural language for the eight millionth time

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"bring a food from one of your cultures to share with the class!" in lieu of making 50+ latkes i am bringing mountain dew. thats Gamer Culture babey

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the mountain of work i have yet to touch: hey

me: hey. im gonna learn Basque

What, T. F. (2019). Please God just let me do it: I don't want to get arrested for plagiarism. Journal of Horrible Group Projects, 4(20), 60-69.

i dont trust any other student with apa referencing. would rather stay up all night doing it myself than let anyone else even THINK about attempting it

captains log 2308: havin just about my worst week in recent history. what the hell planet is in retrograde right now. what celestial body is responsible for this

group project hell 

yea sex is cool but what about googling a chapter title and finding a pdf of the whole ass textbook on the first page of google

every single piece of academic content benefits from an explicit specification of what languages were observed that evidence the offered argument. especially specification of spoken or signed modality. preferably in the title but abstract at the very latest.

there is literally no downside to this. it can only improve your understanding of the context of your results and keep you from concluding on language universals that simply don't exist.

i do love living here but damn is it annoying to be heading to bed just as the rest of the world wide web is waking up :ohno:

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