I'm looking for people working with Museums and Free/Libre Software

CFP: Free and Open Source Technologies, Arts and Commoning Practices: An Unconference about Art, Design, Technology, Making, Cities and their Communities hack66.info/commoningunconfere

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University of California couldn't get Elsevier to agree to universal to UC research so they're not renewing their contracts with Elsevier. Fascinated to see How this plays out. (go bears) news.lib.berkeley.edu/elsevier

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hello! That sounds compellingly strong and interesting. I'm curious about your thesis topic

So in Plato's sense of the ideal city, the spirited (in the sense of strength/prone to anger/action/activity/executive/protective) work together with the reasonable, to benevolently rule over raw desire (the people). Less ideal are the cases where the θυμοειδές-spirited joins up with desire instead of reason. Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy is less helpful with this than I would have thought.

you mean if philosophers stand for reason, which group, then, stands for spirit and which for desire? I think 'the people' in broader sense stand for desire/appetitive/the libidinal. And the spirit comes up in a regulatory capacity towards the libidinal, so the executive power, the police in a sense.

hello world 😶 This is a Cyprus-based cultural historian working on art & tech freedom among other things. These days I'm also thinking about (or non-toys) and . I think I'm going to like it here

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