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Nick Barlow @nickbarlow

Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent Mastodon Android app?

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@nickbarlow Depends on your definition of decent. I was using Tootdon, but the latest update crashes every couple of minutes. I've moved to Tusky which seems more stable, but it currently only allows one account (so if you're on more than one instance, it can be a pain).

@nickbarlow I'm happily using the web but I've never been keen on apps that replicate web functions. The official one seems OK

@nickbarlow I'm using pawoo. Allows multiple accounts, pretty decent overall. Twitter vibes

@nickbarlow Tusky is good if you don't need multi-user support

Mastalab is slightly clunkier in my experience, but still very usable

Subway Tooter has every conceivable bell and whistle, but it is hard to look at