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Hi everyone! I'm a grad student at Northwestern University, currently using to figure out how we learn sound patterns () of new languages

journalists are real-time historians

agree, disagree, or qualify?

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I got laid off this week. If you need someone to write, edit, or do 3d art I am available. Or you can support me directly via Patreon.

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The East German Secret Police’s Illustrated Guide for Identifying Youth Subcultures: Punks, Goths, Teds & More (1985)

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People who trust their partners despite many past betrayals are Naive Baes

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Yeah so I've gone into my overdraft (I don't have a pre arranged overdraft) so I can't use my card and only have the £6 in my purse to last me til my benefits payment comes through if anyone can spare a few quid

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If you are in northern IL / upper Midwest area, and you have the ability to drive in current weather conditions: please PLEASE consider doing grocery runs today for people near you who can't drive


(also this is a reminder for everyone to stock up)

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