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Hi everyone! I'm a grad student at Northwestern University, currently using to figure out how we learn sound patterns () of new languages

a cognitive scientist's cognitive scientist

mood: looking at notes i've taken on papers in my zotero library and realizing that the research ideas i had a year ago are still Good and Viable

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Hot take: I think theoretical linguistics must take constraints on physical instantiation as well as the language user's goals into consideration as constraints on the language faculty in order to develop an explanatory theory that is plausible, and to call your framework "cognitive" without making reference to those constraints is an abuse of terminology.

Writing my first grant application in awhile. 'I will give you the world on a silver platter. Just give me lots of money in unmarked, nonsequential bills, please.'

I might need to do another draft.

setting up a Jekyll blog really reminds me of my Tumblr theme days ^__^

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Windows 10 isn't an operating system on your computer anymore. This characterization applies new laws to it, distinct from former versions of windows. This is a read, for sure.

also this is a @bgcarlisle / @socrates appreciation post, thank you for keeping the atmosphere here healthy and cool :blobpats: 😎

The ability to support your instance on Patreon feels like the epitome of a sustainable, decentralized cyberpunk society ( for that's )

Me losing it when my favourite song gets fiddled in the club

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Now that I've written a Paper (conference paper, but paper nonetheless), I feel like I'm so much harsher when reading others

Before, my notes were like "I don't understand this task" but now they're more like "why would you expect this to happen? What did you expect to learn from running this experiment??" You'd be surprised at how many published papers simply do not clarify their motivations/predictions/reasoning sufficiently

Before companies tracked my location and habits, I didn't have any. No location, no habits. I didn't know what to read or think, where to go.

good morning

please CW your doom and gloom

rattling folks doesn't make them more able to act, it just rattles them

thank you

my grandmother needs a new setup. she needs something INCREDIBLY intuitive, CONSISTENT, predictable, and simple

she needs to be able to check her email. occasionally go to websites, but only ones ive pre-bookmarked for her

im thinking things like xandros simple-mode, that was /nice/

what OS, email client, and browser should i set her up with?

if you say Ubuntu i will block you. im talking REAL accessability, thinking outside the box. for my GRANDMOTHER

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