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broke: arranging your schedule so you only have to come to campus twice a week

woke: arranging your schedule so you have to come to campus every single morning, in an attempt to be "productive"

bespoke: no one has seen you in years. junior grad students doubt your existence. whenever you are spoken of, the fluorescent light over your cobwebbed desk space in the shared office flickers. on the department website, your name links to a page that clearly hasn't been updated since 2010.

my condolences to laboratory scientists whose objects of study are... non-human. I would pipette for you if I could.

@nimirea I'm dying.
I'm at the woke stage right now.

There was a grad student whose desk was still covered in things. Apparently years before me he went on a research trip abroad and then just never came back. Four years later his sister came to get his stuff.

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