Ableism, angery posting 

if you use the word "idiot" or other iterations thereof you're not my fucking comrade

Ableism words, long, splitting hairs perhaps 

This is just how it is in my brain at the moment, not hard rules, please make your own decisions on these terms as well.
-Crazy, mad, etc. can be reclaimed by those they affect, tho I'm not always sure they're for me to reclaim.
-Dumb, lame, blind, etc are up to the individual communities that they affect and I'm not a member of those so I try not to use the terms.
-Idiot, moron, etc are very hard terms used by institutions to do serious harm, i never use, not much to reclaim imo
-stupid and dumb are particularly common terms. I don't like them, I think they reflect ableist and "intelligence" based bullshit, but sometimes I let them slide because otherwise I'd be muting everyone.

Which is just how enmeshed ableism is into our culture and understanding of value.
Words matter. They shape reality, they reflect our values and ideals. It's difficult to change habits, but if you really don't think like an oppressor then why would you want to talk like one.

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Ableism words, long, splitting hairs perhaps 

@glitterwitch here's a list of alternatives that's really helped me with eliminating ableist language (added bonus is that a lot of the alternatives are more specific to what you actually mean!):

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