would really love a standardized, searchable database of all human behavioral experiments published

something with fields like:
- task
- measurement
- population
- independent variable

Three days I have slogged, trying to figure out the answer to a very simple question:

How many times do you need to hear a new word accompanied by its referent before you can consistently pick out the referent, given the wordform?

It turns out that this depends on: similarity between referents, similarity between wordforms, and many other task-based factors. If I had more zeal I would propose a review article, if only to justify the slog time.

@nimirea I don't think anyone has that answer. Like, different things seem to have different salience, but there is no clear-cut way to know what or why or what it might depend on.

That is part of why generative linguistics is such a failure, Chomsky just made huge leaps of faith and ruled it impossible for infants to learn language without a complete grammatical scaffolding.

We know next to nothing of what there is to know about language acquisition, and need so much more research. Sry 4 rant

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