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@tom oh boy do I have some fuckin links for you

- weird random e-commerce sites, a private Christian university, Newsweek, a downtown Manhattan department store, all connected in a web of LLCs and sketchy deals

- a curious payphone that sometimes rings for you and

- telling the bees

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this eternal mood brought to you by my high school yearbook this site lets you listen to live broadcasts and also old recordings of broadcasts from private collections, as well as jingles ^___________^ 📻

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@elmiko The public library is where people who cannot afford computers go to use computers. Students, the homeless, elderly, etc. These are all people that the tech community needs to learn FROM. 😁 Helping the most vulnerable of your community will show you where the tech is sorely lacking.

ACA open enrollment open now thru Dec 15, tell your friends:

glad for my slight amount of experience doing freelance creative work as a teen bc it gave me automatic distrust of anyone who says "you'll be paid in exposure/reputation/experience!"

in conclusion, where does the money go in traditional journals ?????? hosting/administrative costs should be going down as hardware gets cheaper/faster and software becomes easier to use and maintain. but prices sure as hell haven't been decreasing

anyway, here's a list of open-access journal business models in case you're interested:

like if you're gonna make me do free labor (or worse, make me pay to perform labor for you), at least make it open access

what if: a journal where at least half of the profits from subscriptions go to the authors and reviewers, without whom the journal wouldn't have any meaningful content

every paper i read cites at least 2 other papers that i immediately add to my "to-read" list. it's like a hydra, this will literally never end.

@nimirea Yep! People act like there's an infinite supply of cognitive labor and that diseconomies of cognitive scope (issue of cognitive load) don't exist.

like, think back to how many times you've heard someone's work recommended as "really awesome, truly groundbreaking... but almost completely impenetrable :)". that's a sign we need to value this skill more

new prerequisite for "smartness": the ability to identify and adjust for your interlocutor's level of background knowledge in order to make your research accessible and solicit/incorporate insights from other disciplines.

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