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If there are any critical media studies people on here that can recommend readings about the relationship between artist, identity, artwork, and audience, please let me know! Curious to learn more.

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Pretty cool: this site helps you find the Bandcamp of all artists in your Spotify year end list, so you can actually support them financially:

#spotify #bandcamp

replication is the sincerest form of flattery; it means you think the question that someone's asking is important enough to answer correctly.

(mind you, "riff off" here is distinct from "rip off", where someone else is turning a profit from something you made without changing it. don't do that, it's uncool.)

I think the people who don't want others to riff off of their work are the same people who worry they'll never have another idea again. that's never happened to me before, and it's not likely to happen in the future.

part of the reason I'm always on about open source and intellectual property rights is because I *want* people to build off my ideas/tools and use them as launching pads for their own original thoughts. so truly, I'm thrilled when people "copy" me. it means I've inspired someone! and that's all the impact I can hope for :)

mixed feelings

on the one hand: science good, knowledge advancement good, several people (that I know of) doing interesting research are working here

on the other: if this is fully funded by Toyota, what relationship does the corporation have with the institute? Does it set research agendas? Does it retain exclusive IP rights over anything created by the academics working here?

Website update: switched over to a static site, cleaned up some other cruft, and added a rel="me" for verification!

(in preparation for other big things)

hey please help out the trans woman single-handedly moderating your whole instance and not getting her deserved pay for it

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For #urbanism and #architecture nerds - Urban Science is an open access, fast publication journal with some pretty cool articles:

on a far more positive note, I have a book suggestion for people who love , networks, infrastructures, Los Angeles, or all of the above: The Infrastructural City by Kazys Varnelis

It's not pessimistic enough to really hammer the point that LA is in "perpetual crisis mode" but it does situate the city as a weird & freaky place that can only exist thanks to infrastructural networks, and has been shaped by the development of these networks.

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and yes, science is a "creative profession"; don't let anybody tell you otherwise! problem-solving requires creativity, and scientists sure do a lot of problem-solving.

in behavioral science specifically, we're always developing new ideas of how unseen constructs govern our daily lives, as well as new ways to test those constructs. creativity is essential for that.

so apparently if you have a page, and the person who's scheduling an appointment with you is in a different time zone, the booking page will default to the time zone of the scheduler, and not yours. just spent a nice 10 minutes awkwardly chilling outside someone's office because of this

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