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begging :( 

Job loss, selling stuff to pay bills 

looking for good alternatives to PsychoPy that are going to be around for a while

i'd try expyriment but i need voice key support

this can't be the only way, can it?

Fediverse and negative identity 

preregistrations + 

Please boost! Desperate trans girl needs help! $$ 

not to be a broke ass opportunist bitch lol but support your local trans man if you can ♥️
cash app:£AshleyMVillerd

hey so we have no income right now due to DWP fucking us over completely, and we're down a lot of money. i got paid £133 this month and i'm still being fucked with tax. i'm sorry we have to keep begging and posting about this but we have very few places left to turn. our rent and bills are coming up and they add up to over £600

if anyone wants to commission me, i please hmu. or if y'all want to donate

this is majorly affecting our health, both physical and mental...

the Mastodon Community Survival Fund is officially depleted, and if you'd like to add to it to help our fediverse neighbors in need, our Liberapay is here:

We are looking into other ways to accept donations too.

If you're in need right now, we can at least keep boosting your requests for assistance. Send us a DM if we don't see you first. ❤️

Reading on academic writing 

I've put this on my home instance, but really -

If you've read the article(s) on the terrible human toll of moderating Facebook, it's easy to be horrified and stay horrified, or pat yourself on the back for getting out of there

On Mastodon, real people are looking after the communities you're in and it is not easy work!

Please support your admin :blobpats:

:CoffeePot: If you're reading this from, you could buy a coffee for @socrates at

can I count "being on this account 24/7" as broader impacts for the NSF?

it's, uh, outreach

if you subscribe, you can expect all this and more, delivered straight to your timeline:

- behind-the-scenes of doing psycholinguistics research
- live regrets (a.k.a. "things I wish I'd known earlier, that are now making life hard for me")
- mild-to-warm takes on FLOSS, commercialization, and research
- lots of boosts of people asking for help, because everyone deserves to survive
- REALLY bad puns (no more than 1/day)
- existential crises (no more than 1/week)

statistics, pre-registration, teaching 

latex, self-hosting, Overleaf outage 

‘HTML, CSS and our vanishing industry entry points’

this says so many things i agree with, i hardly know where to begin pulling quotes. web design and dev used to be something you could organically transition toward from a variety of other roles or hobbies. there was a broad, porous space between laypeople and ultra nerds. this zone created a culture i was able to grow and succeed within. it is now nearly gone.

I'm currently calling in all favors to find a way to get an asthma inhaler in the next few hours. If anyone can help me (one prescription costs $80 for the phone call and $70 per inhaler that I am going through in about a week) either with this immediate need or also with getting my patreon goal met so I am less likely to end up in the hospital again because I can't afford my meds that keep me breathing - please do.

programming advice, all caps, regret 

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