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My extensively tagged medicine-related links and resources:

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Scholars, are there actually non-Google alternatives to Google Scholar?

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Hi new scholars!

Can't believe I haven't done one for ages, so here goes:

⚕️medical student who is really enjoying it at the moment

🚑 uni-wise, interested in pre-hospital/emergency medicine

🔬 casually interested in and social determinants of health and 🎮 narrative-based games

🎻 plays viola

asking for help 

existential angst re medical education 

The main reason why our manuscript publication was delayed might have been a security breach in one of the agencies

Sniffly at home but managed to halve my inbox!

Still haven't dealt with my life admin, but, eh.

manuscript accepted in JULY

we still don't have a publication date...

:< leadership styles 

asking for help 

I''m trying to quit my second job in retail. If you want to help me do that, consider hiring me to write for you!
#commissions #writing

I honestly can't play this "public face of the unit" game, but if I'm not hyping my unit, who is??

introducing my best mate, who is new to academia shenanigans, to :scihub:

I just can't. Medical school offering yoga classes to help with wellbeing but you know what would help? Getting our timetables more than 48 hours in advance. Placing us in a team so we can actually get sign offs. Better than any therapy dog or smoothie.

Looking for connections who know a thing or two (or even more than two things) about doing an MA in Archiving.

If this is you, can I ask you a few questions?

If this is not you, please could you signal boost?

Giving presentations this week has made me realise how much I fidget with my lanyard when I talk!

Wow ok I've never given so many presentations in one week

This sure is a Learning Experience :tm:

Delivering first workshop tomorrow (as a paid trainer!!) and feeling the first twinges of a sore throat lol

oh all these people going "let me know if I can help with anything else"... YOU BET I WILL! If I don't get distracted first...

are you a normal distribution

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