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My extensively tagged medicine-related links and resources:

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Scholars, are there actually non-Google alternatives to Google Scholar?

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Hi new scholars!

Can't believe I haven't done one for ages, so here goes:

⚕️medical student who is really enjoying it at the moment

🚑 uni-wise, interested in pre-hospital/emergency medicine

🔬 casually interested in and social determinants of health and 🎮 narrative-based games

🎻 plays viola

"Are you sure I can sign this entry in the notes as a medical student? Don't want people to, like, rip it out and disregard this advice about antibiotics"

"Why not! You're a valued member of the team!" :BlobCatHeart: 😭

The lovely junior doctor trying to lighten the mood today related a story about when he was first year post-graduation... took a coffee from his boss, and jittered all the way through the rest of the day :CoffeePot:

grad student free food tips 

what would academia look like if it was predicated on respecting students?

If multiple generations of drs are experiencing burnout, maybe it's not time to compare workload, but consider how pernicious the industry culture might be? 🤔🤔

me: im going to bed
me thirty godforesaken minutes later:

chess v1.2

+ pawns can now be promoted into an egg, which any piece can roll, including your opponents

- nerfed the queen's movement to only crossing half the board in one go

+ new piece: gerald

All my music is now Pay What You Want.

I have this theory that Monetizing My Hobby™️ has sucked all the joy out of it. It changed my mindset from "here's a thing I made, pay if you want" to "here's a thing I made, please pay me for it."

This hasn't worked for me. It doesn't get me the tools I need, and I can't make what I want in that mindset with my current tools. We'll see what happens.

Boost appreciated.

online resources all start with clinical experinece but I have none??? I'm a student?? ?

updating CV to apply to electives next year and... no idea what to put in or how to organise it

image captioning meta 

best thing i've ever heard about labels: "as any cat will tell you, putting yourself in a box is completely different from someone else putting you in a box"

Is there a simple way to find out which shops and ATMs in a particular city, e.g., Dublin, accept UnionPay cards?


watching call the midwife; worry about graduating lol 

watching call the midwife; worry about graduating lol 

watching call the midwife 

Okay, redoing this poll because of confusion on multiple aspects.

Which way does your Icon face?

Audience perspective, as in "How do we see it?" or "How does it show up on-screen?" and not as if you were the icon itself.

Please boost for hopefully improved and maximum demographic :)

When you're on ophthalmology placement and even the doctors there say you're "quite myopic" :BlobCatBlush:

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