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Re- time, given a fairly significant life change....

I'm Verity (she/they), I'm just about to start working as a doctor in the UK! (!!!!)

🚑 still thinking about: critical care, prehospital + community emergency medicine, social determinants of health, mitochondria

🔖 storytelling in all its forms

🥟 and snaccs!

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My extensively tagged medicine-related links and resources:

💊 🚑 🔗

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Scholars, are there actually non-Google alternatives to Google Scholar?

If you're stressed - may I invite you to watch a live cam of puppies playing

Want to play a fun little FOSS game? I made Starscan this year and you're welcome to play it!

You have been recruited by the Supercluster Federation to acquire scientific and archaeological data from the remnants of ancient civilizations for study.

The Milky Way Superintelligence has predicted a new filter that our societies must understand to survive. Your colony ship DSCV Starscan is uniquely suited to deep space exploration. Please search for ancient civilizations and evidence of their final days.

I just created multiple identical to-do lists bc the old ones were out of sight 🤦‍♀️

work (healthcare) 

bloody hell. what an on call. endless drip drip drip of Things That Need Your Attention, coupled with Machines that are Halfway Across the Hospital

muscle levels are 18% and steady

(18%) ■□□□□□□□□□

The existence of pet peeves implies the existence of wild peeves

Some of my single mum friends have been really struggling this year (one family in a refuge now even, yikes), been thinking of getting each of their kids something for xmas. I'm not great with what kids are into though, any parents/guardians here got any tips? They're all between the ages of 2-5ish I think


* The computer with less computer in it!
* No more surprises, unless you go on like FB or something, then that one's on you
* Tack-a-tack-a-tack-a (that's the sound you make while typing on a Typey boy)

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:Trek: :Voyager: more shouting 


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:Trek: :Voyager: - fictional mental health 

I am Not Pleased that the resolution of this whole survivor guilt/depression/self-harm was... so quick as to be glib :/

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:Trek: :Voyager: 

just me shouting at voyager going BUT THAT'S A SIGN OF DEPRESSION

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physical health 

today first day back after annual leave + sick leave and my head has been all over the place and it was *busy*

:BlobCatGoogly: :yell:

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you might not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

physical health 

inexplicably guilty for calling off sick for a "could it be covid?!" illness esp since I was meant to be on a long day today

(spoiler: not covid)

but even going in with a bog-standard cold now seems a bit shady

:Trek: :EnterpriseD: 


especially those about data exploring his humanity ;;

self-esteem levels are currently at 37% but fluctuating wildly

(37%) ■■■□□□□□□□

I'm beginning to think caring is a skill that has to be learned, and nobody teaches it because people think it just sort of comes naturally.

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