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My extensively tagged medicine-related links and resources:

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Scholars, are there actually non-Google alternatives to Google Scholar?

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Hi new scholars!

Can't believe I haven't done one for ages, so here goes:

⚕️medical student who is really enjoying it at the moment

🚑 uni-wise, interested in pre-hospital/emergency medicine

🔬 casually interested in and social determinants of health and 🎮 narrative-based games

🎻 plays viola

It's International Non-binary People's Day.
Non-binary and agender people should be legally recognised as their correct gender, or absence of gender. Gender neutral documentation should be provided and normalised. The UK government has failed to provide this.

10 ways to step up as an ally to non-binary people | Stonewall

covid-19, food 

The soup kitchen at my church used to feed 12 to 15 people once a week.

Now it's ~50 for lunch on Sunday and ~35 Tuesday night, all takeaway/low contact.

This is in addition to the food bank, which opens 4 days/week.

We've lost all hall lettings now, so our income to support this is a) online donations b) regular giving from a congregation of less than 20 people in a deprived area.

I'm hiring:

1) a lecturer (equiv. asst. prof.) in Design Research (0.7fte, 3,5 days/week)
ATTENTION: this lecturer must hold a PhD at the time of hiring.

2) a lab assistant who is well-versed in creative technologies (0.2fte, 1 day/week)

3) a studio assistant who is an empathetic "people-person" and can coach students in their design processes & team dynamics (0.4fte, 2 days/week)

Question for our medical peeps about COVID 

Since the antibodies disappear so quickly, how will the vaccine work?

I am not very up on the science

particularly my aspiring paramedic friend who one day imagines handing over to me...!

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in one of my friendship groups particularly, imagining a future, possibly together, has been a huge part of it

and it is glorious

last day to submit a presentation to , the informal conference we're hosting!

no formal credentials required + open to all instances on the fedi, come share the cool things you know!

Do you want to moderate for ?

We expect moderators to - announce the presenter and read the blurb for their presentation, keep time of the presentations, kick out anyone who harasses the speaker or other participants, mute people until the Q&A, conclude the meeting (aka go 'ALRIGHT ITS DONE).

We will have sign ups coming soon.
Moderating is a great way to participate in this conference and to keep it a safe space.

Really really hope the jobs I have now will be there when my exams are over

Get pumped from we have presentations from things as diverse as patent law, poetry, the future of ice on Earth, and a slew of other amazing exciting presentations.

Sign up by July 12 2020

In the meantime, if you are interested in moderating, we will be putting out the ask soon!

bein' a medical student 

ward-based role I applied for now sounds very admin

and of course telephone triage is what it is

and not going to get a chance for ambo crew for a long, long time

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bein' a medical student 

QUESTION. will I ever get any clinical jobs before placements start again

ANSWER. it is unlikely.

keyboard shortcuts are so satisfying.

"hsm" in my word processor corrects to "hepatosplenomegaly"

Scholar Social is hosting a free online conference, !

And we're looking for presenters!

If you're a writer, researcher, formal academic, or anyone with expertise that you'd like to share, presentation spots are 10-15 min long (no formal credentials required, open to people on any Fedi instance, not just

Sign up by 2020 July 12 here:

@Jopo89 heya! my instance is hosting a "summer school", wonder if you'd be interested? would be a nice way to meet other people in the fediverse! :CoffeePot:

why the fuck is "the maya mysteriously disappeared" like a thing you hear online in those pseudo science mystery channels??? like, we know where the Maya are, they're in Yucatan, Guatemala, and Belize. there's like 6 million people who speak Mayan languages with a clear cultural continuity from like 900ad to modern day through the colonial period. they're right there, you can go talk to them, I'm sure some of them are lovely people

actually, does anyone have good resources on writing technical documentation? :boost_ok:

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Whites: We will never know what happened to the American indigenous peoples 😢

Indigenous peoples: Quit telling everyone we're dead!

Whites: Sometimes we can still hear their voices 😩

Scholar Social is hosting , a free online conference

If you would like to be a presenter, please find the link to the sign-up form below

Thanks in advance to everyone!

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