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Re- time, given a fairly significant life change....

I'm Verity (she/they), I'm just about to start working as a doctor in the UK! (!!!!)

🚑 still thinking about: critical care, prehospital + community emergency medicine, social determinants of health, mitochondria

🔖 storytelling in all its forms

🥟 and snaccs!

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My extensively tagged medicine-related links and resources:

💊 🚑 🔗

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Scholars, are there actually non-Google alternatives to Google Scholar?

thinkin about how i habitually think of myself as inexperienced in work and volunteering

but I'll soon be working towards leadership/supervisor positions

and our estimates of what makes a "experienced volunteer" must change slightly

Does anybody have any good resources on (especially decolonized) Indian tea culture? Maybe a short video or something?

if i were subjected to capitalism, i would simply cultivate kinship with those near me and develop ways of supporting each other outside the framework of profit seeking

a huge cohort of junior doctors switch rotations tomorrow in my hospital

our induction schedule has just changed at *checks watch* 1540 the day before

the orville 

why is there so much of "white supremacy in space"

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by this I obviously mean an excited small dog wagging their whole bum is the best

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small dogs are great

they greet joys and sorrows with their whole being

Several reminders for anyone requiring them, take any which apply 

> unclench your jaw
> take a sippy of the hydration of your choice
> stretch your back
> blink and give your eyes a screen break
> check your lap before you stand up if you were using any glassware just now
> plot the destruction of capital
> cycle your laundry load

Thanks everyone who came to my #SummerSchool presentation, it was a delight! ^^^^_^^^^

Presentation & links incoming ↓


the orville 

this is a step ahead of that doc episode where crusher got stuck in a dwindling ship, I guess????

bc it wasn't an intergalactic dude and/or messed up school project, it was someone wanting to improve herself in fear of being caught short the next time

a bit like worf, really

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what is working memory????

this occasionally makes work interesting, but has made me a fiend for a good jobs list

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did I get distracted and completely forget to attend a summer school talk?

yes, yes I did

I'm sorry :(

the orville 

why do i enjoy 90% of star trek doctors

i'm including the orville I guess

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the orville 

just up to the one on social capital now

surprisingly nuanced, great illustration of the malleability of public opinion, simplistic ending


watching The Orville and so far the main thing I've noticed is two actors from ds9

Hey, fedi.

I've got a talk lined up for #SummerSchool2022.

On Sunday, 31 July 2022 at 0200 hours UTC (7:00pm Pacific), I'll be doing a talk on using #Python to parse user input.

The Summer School talk format is 15 minutes presenting/45 for questions, so this'll be a #speedrun.

More details to come as @SummerSchool posts details.

Please boost?

Just put up a copy of my #SummerSchool / #WinterSchool talk in YouTube with full captions + the text of most questions from the chat & timecoded links to the reply, so if you're not 100% sure about what I'm replying to, you can scroll down and find it!

Got room @ Utrecht? :boost_requested: 

This friendly PhD candidate is looking (urgently, September or earlier) for a place to stay in the region.
Do you have a room/apartment/studio, or know anybody who might have one? Please get in touch, thank you! :boost_requested:

What is the #nonbinary equivalent of "sir" or "ma'am"? :shark_think:

Or more to the point, what are my fellow enbies response when someone sir or ma'ams you incorrectly?

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