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My extensively tagged medicine-related links and resources:

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Scholars, are there actually non-Google alternatives to Google Scholar?

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Hi new scholars!

Can't believe I haven't done one for ages, so here goes:

⚕️medical student who is really enjoying it at the moment

🚑 uni-wise, interested in pre-hospital/emergency medicine

🔬 casually interested in and social determinants of health and 🎮 narrative-based games

🎻 plays viola

uni really needs to tell us about online learning a lot longer in advance


ah yes ideal time to fail, internet, on my most online of days

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Hey yo, PayPal lifted their fees, let's break em like we broke Bandcamp folks you can start with mine uwu
Get the word out
#Crowdfund #CovidAid #covid #transcrowdfund

tiny rant about online teaching materials 

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Hey, uh, I know my circle on here isn't very music-oriented. But in the isolation I've gotten back into engraving (typesetting) public domain music. If anybody has any particular public domain piece they'd like transcribed into a digital file with MuseScore, I'll do it for free! (provided I can find a scanned score, and it hasn't already been done well). #music ♻️🆗


Announcing The National
Emergency Library

The Internet Archive has temporarily suspended all waitlists, allowing you to immediately check out any of the 1.4 million books currently in our lending library. Until June 30th or the end of the US national emergency (whichever comes later), every borrowable book will be immediately accessible by anyone—creating, in effect, a National Emergency Library.


Today is the anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaste Fire. A tragedy created by unsafe working conditions and bosses who CHAINED THE EXITS SHUT.

Keep these innocent workers in your hearts and organize!

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

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tiny rant about online teaching materials 

I do like a good spreadsheet... but I fear I have set myself up to be some kinda rota coordinator in the future??!

Asking For Money, Boosts Appreciated 

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I remember a talk once on making habits instead of goals - because goals are necessarily lofty and feel difficult.

Instead of making it my goal to revise my previously taught material

I'm making it a habit to go through some flashcards every time I feel the urge to fidget with phone games

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top suggestions for a "How to Online Student 101" guide? 

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