YA Book Recomendations 

Ethan "Mr.E" Schoonover
‏ (@ethanschoonover on Twitter) teaches to middle school kids at an all girls school. Yesterday he put out a call for YA books with strong female protagonists.

These are the results: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d

Original thread here: twitter.com/ethanschoonover/st

If this was all Twitter was used for, I'd likely not feel the need for Mastodon.


YA Book Recomendations 

@theartguy always exciting to see "book recommendations" and a spreadsheet... :D :D

YA Book Recomendations 

@noctiluca I'm confused. Isn't this how one is supposed to organize book recommendations?

YA Book Recomendations 

@theartguy I mean, I do have a text file with about a hundred book names and author names that's for books I wanna find...

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