Scholars, are there actually non-Google alternatives to Google Scholar?

@noctiluca unfortunately, it's a pretty good index if you don't have an educational database to work from. Many libraries have similar (paid) services to help you find things but they often need more configuration... that's really the only next best.

I mean I guess scihub? :P

(part of my job is making the library ones more user friendly but it is Not Easy for so many reasons often involving vendors)

@noctiluca maybe Webofscience, scopus, or (Athough, they all belong to corporate publishers)

Maybe is worth to try (I haven't tried it yet)

@noctiluca but I think using a combination of databases and search terms is best

@noctiluca Microsoft Academic: (sort of a cross between a search engine and a citation database; very useful in some cases. But, Microsoft.)

Dimensions: (reminds me of the Citation Indexes, but more broad)

Remember you can search publishers like ScienceDirect, Wiley, Nature Publishing Group, without a subscription. And JSTOR, too, which has individual options for full text access.

@noctiluca PubMed ( and PubMed Central (PMC: are archives hosted by the National Institute of Health. PMC is free to the public and anyone with NIH funding has to deposit their research into PMC within 1y to be compliant with funding rules. You can also try searching user-curated bookmark sites like (free and online-based), maybe (free, but software-based).

@noctiluca to do what?

My scholar page is orcid, literature search via pubmed, or base. Knowledgemaps when new topic

One tool for everything: 'one to rule them all and take them into darkness'??

@noctiluca plz have a look at Wikidata/Scholia:

it does not currently have the full body of literature yet (only some 32M articles), but there is a strong interesting in ensuring it will. It's open infrastructure, with a lot of innovation around it, e.g. check the WikiCite project

@noctiluca if you're only interesting in the citations, check out OpenCitations, see (this data is also flowing into Wikidata/Scholia)

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