I regret to say I am once again a bit tired and overwrought and would like someone to sort out my life admin for me

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honestly what a perk it is to natter with the nice anaesthetists

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bloody hell what a set of on calls

can't believe the number of patients we actually saw


nerdlegame 121 3/6


conversation with a friend about times tables prompted me to do this one!

Dog noises in ascending order of dog size:

- Yip yip
- Bow-wow
- Arf
- Woof
- Bork
- Boof

@Cyborgneticz tbh in most of med school we had very little faith that anyone was reading our work when they gave feedback on any written work...

@rusty heya - your toots remind me of my IF days (years ago.... one day I will return lol)

would you mind if I sent you a follow request?

I think I want to write a alternative to . A place were runs and activities can be shared, basically. Is that a good idea? Terrible idea? Super hard and I don't know what I'm talking about? Been done already?

@tristetropical I love how compact it can be - really struggled with formal and/or poetic Chinese when you basically had a landscape painted in about 6 characters!

So: behold the jinhao 991

Very lightweight, sturdy metal clip a la Uniball eye, comes with a converter

I don't 100% like how the nib feels tbh, it was uneven and dry to start with. F nib writing like an M, but also after I pressed on the nib to separate the tines a lil

#FountainPens #CurrentlyInked

:OpenAccess: paper from a birdsite pal - "An Exploration of Multilinguals’ Voice-Hearing Experiences" - adding particular nuance to a complex, varied experience


I know we don't do journal club any more but this was an interesting one from outside my field

Anyone on here involved in UK local gov? Here's the CO2 emissions of council homepages open-innovations.github.io/cou. If you are in higher education here's the CO2 of learning provider homepages open-innovations.github.io/lea And here's central gov organisations open-innovations.github.io/gov Click through to your org to get more specific advice on how to reduce your homepage size. I'd like to see the worst offenders improve.

"All tunnels that are under construction have an icon of St Barbara, the patron saint of miners, and I quite liked the combination of ancient religion in a modern building site." - from @ianvisits wonderful compendium of Crossrail construction photos: ianvisits.co.uk/articles/build

School children performing gender 

@drbjork wait so who sits in the middle??

@animalculum small things considered! havne't thought about that blog for ages, what a delight

@FrontiersHumanNeuro relevant to this year's SNAP3, on delirium and frailty in anaesthesia!

tho I think something could be made of post op/post GA delirium vs a population already vulnerable to vascular dementias and delirium (if they're going for cardiac surgery??)

@mplouffe much can be achieved if you put a checkbox next to it and shade it when you're done :LeVarLike:

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