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If you read about Jean and Jorts, please read this too.

the extended metaphor for workplace accommodations nobody asked for

"Abled people spend a significant amount of time designing things they just assume will work for disabled people because they think that disability awareness is a matter of *morals* and not practicality. They think that ‘being a good person and having good intentions’ is enough to understand what’s needed, because they’re trying, and that’s the important thing. Nope. The important thing is that it actually provides a solution to a problem, and if you don’t speak to disabled people before buttering them with margarine, you may find a horde of angry people who don’t really care that you thought you were doing a good thing with your weird ramp if it’s so steep it’ll tip a person into traffic, or your metal studs in the pavement help one group of people while providing a major slip hazard for others."

Overheard: "The [ED] cat is here again..."

*3 doctors leave the office in search of the cat*

rudeness levels are 62% and rising

(62%) ■■■■■■□□□□

Avez-vous un calendrier de l'avent chez vous ?

Fun fact: Phi (~1.618) is really close to the ratio between miles and kilometers (~1.609), which means you can use adjacent fibonacci numbers to quickly mentally convert back and forth between them.

for instance: 21 kilometers is roughly 13 miles (it's actually 13.05)

uh, well 

I mean

I'm the most junior of doctors, I have some of the least decision-making power, I rotate out every 4 months, I get it

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my team is really tight but it's also clear that the rotational staff (the junior drs mainly) are... extras tacked on lol

The Not Replying To The Whole Email List Challenge 2021 Edition.

"Everyone get vaccinated before they run out of Greek letters" challenge

you're reading that right - nerdiness levels are at 100%

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

Reminder to programmers, ISO 639-2/ISO 639-X generally is not a good choice for inclusive language options.

Sure, it has a lot of languages you might want to say you support but also...

- ancient languages (extinct since ancient times);
- historical languages (distinct from their modern form);
- extinct languages in recent times;
- constructed languages.

... is the website/service ACTUALLY able to support all these?

The Illinois Department of Public Health has a very comprehensive drop-down menu for picking your preferred language, which is good, except that it is so comprehensive that it includes "English, Middle (1100-1500)" and "English, Old (ca. 400-1100)" right under English, also there's "Egyptian (Ancient)", "German, Old High ca. 1050-1500", "Irish, Old (to 900)", "Low Saxon", and, maybe most perplexingly, "Indo-European languages"

This message probably won't reach anyone in East Texas but I want to try.

My mom and sister are fostering 6 cats. They can't find anyone to adopt them and don't really have the means to care for as many pets as they have.

The cats were (thankfully) neutered by a cat humane society.

If you want a cat and you can meet in Mount Vernon, Mount Pleasant, Winnsboro, or even any surrounding towns, please get in touch with me.

pants levels are currently at 50% but fluctuating wildly

(50%) ■■■■■□□□□□

I have spent more on transport today than food, and I didn't actually travle that far

buses here are expensive

News websites following the dark pattern of paywalled scientific articles is...

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