For Emacs on Debian, I see that there are a lot of deb packages that are also Emacs packages.

E.g. There is PDF-Tools in MELPA, but also an emacs-pdf-tools in Debian's repository.

Are there any guidelines for installing a package through apt vs. through Emacs built-in package manager?

Rambling a bit now, but I wanted to give a nice overview of what my interests actual are lol.

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(3) leads into an interest in democratisation and power. Imperial Germany had to deal with popular pressures and had to navigate them. As did other European states, most of which did not establish universal suffrage until post-WWI.

So what constraints were they under, what economic and social facts drove democratisation, and what strategies did different elite actors use to try to incorporate popular energies? How successful were they?

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For German history, I am interested:

1) social democracy both in terms of its theories and in terms of what social factors allowed for its success and failure;

2) The structure of society in Germany during the imperial period. How was power distributed and how did organisations form?

3) How Germany fits into Europe. Not so much was it exceptional or not, but how it functioned in the European state system and what traits of its were general to Europe vs particular to it or a subset of Europe.

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Interests in bio. To draw connections for cat-3: I like old-school social history, because of its focus on material conditions. HBE seems interesting because it investigates very basic interactions people have with their environments and tries to generalize. HS because it engages in spatial and temporal comparison while often focusing on larger units. AM because of its materialism and attempt at reducing larger units to their components.

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My interests are pretty eclectic. I started out focused on German history, but reading about the Sonderweg and the shifts in historical methodology made me interested in theoretical questions and the other social sciences.

Currently, I am trying to improve my note taking, so I can better aggregate what I know/am interested in.

Pursuant to that, I am trying to learn emacs, orgmode, and orgroam. It's been a bit rough.

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