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I'm a current PhD student at Edinburgh Uni, studying the learning dynamic of artificial neural text models. Information about me aside from that:
- I have a condition that makes it painful to type or write. I dictate all my code and interactions with dragon, talon, and voicecode.
- I play roller derby! My name is Gaussian Retribution. I'm back on skates from months of coalescing after tripping over the flower girl at a wedding.
- 🏳️‍🌈 ♿ 🔯
- I :HeartBi: :julia: & :python:

last night I dreamed my paper was accepted to NAACL and today the prophecy came true! Please approach me for future-sight wisdom.

PSA for NLP folk: don't use examples of funny failures from dialog systems like Alexa/Siri without checking if those "failures" are actually jokes added by a rule-based script. Surprised how often this happens!

We described their research as being in the field of Machine Learning. The work in question was actually related to Marxist-Leninism. The Times regrets the err

If you are a woman, consider trying this out, it is way more fun than organizing events. If you are a man, consider performing some of the social labor that you enjoy consuming!

This week I realized almost every social activity, including professional events, is organized by the fifth of this department that is women. So instead of taking on yet another obligation, I spent the same amount of time press ganging men into it.

politics, The Jews™ 

a fun fact: if enough well-intentioned abled people call me "differently abled" that will replace my CONSTANT PAIN with WOLVERINE HEALING

I'll be in Amsterdam for an event about analyzing neural networks for NLP this Friday. What should I do for the rest of the day?

I am Pleased to report that I dropped by my advisor's office today and Tweed Season has officially begun.

Another student has a project that justifies the use of Bloom filters and is NOT USING THEM. I have waited all my life for a reason to use Bloom filters and they're throwing it away!

I ask this question once a year: Does anyone have recommendations for research journaling apps? I am still waiting for a basic diary application with latex and markdown support.

'The case for inbox infinity'

"All of these coping mechanisms are inferior to one simple solution: inbox infinity. Adopting inbox infinity means accepting the fact that there will be an endless, growing amount of email in your inbox every day, most of which you will never address or even see. It’s about letting email messages wash over you, responding to the ones you can, but ignoring most."

Makes me curious how my fediverse friends handle the onslaught of emails...

It is imposible to hack me. I've set my password to "Windows rocks and mm/dd/yyyy is the best date-format", which is impossible for any hacker to type out without vomiting.

Book recommendation for space lesbian stevedores 

subscription-based music services stink 

Linguists all know WALS already so they don't think of it, and it shows up rarely enough in papers that a lot of people aren't aware of it. But if you are interested in data on how languages differ, it really is essential.

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