I ask this question once a year: Does anyone have recommendations for research journaling apps? I am still waiting for a basic diary application with latex and markdown support.

@nsaphra There is a lot of markdown editors. Some with a LaTeX notation accepted in the markdown-document. But I do not know editors with Markdown and LaTeX support.

@nsaphra maybe with Jupyter which allows md, latex, python cells and jupytext which gives u a HTML of the whole thing. Not the most user friendly environment but doable

@nsaphra do you have preferences re: where the data is stored, whether it's available as an app, in-browser app, both, etc?

@balrogboogie ideally I'd like to have it on my local drive with a standalone app but I recognize that that is old-fashioned.

@nsaphra I've heard some people using org-mode in emacs to do that, but there does exist a learning curve in setting some of that up

@gzt honestly, that's what I do right now (with atom and org), but it's really not an enjoyable user experience. It clearly isn't intended to be a diary, and it feels like a hair shirt for minimalist asceticism.

@nsaphra while not an app as such, I have been using Vim with the vimwiki plugin, and processing the documents trough pandoc to produce latex, this can handle embedded latex in the markdown documents and bibtex references ,which I use jabref to compile. this should work with any markdown compatible text editor, I have considered porting some of my helper scripts to sublime or other editor to make it more friendly to non programmers.

@jasonzhouu I tried it for a while and liked it, but not enough to pay to lock myself in. I might fall back on it if I don't find something good that's free and/or open source.

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