i need to bed but i don't wanna i enjoy this thread too much... BUT I NEED TO SLEEPP AGHHH...night ya'll...

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I GOT A 98/100 ON MY ANATOMY PRACTICAL!!!!! 🤩🥳 now I just gotta ace my last quiz, the lecture final and then the lab final for this class.

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the english translation of 'jesus christ' from hebrew is 'oily josh'.

thank for coming to my ted talk, boosts okay.

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I love this site so much. It’s really nice seeing all the enthusiastic new folks coming to love it too. Y’all’re great. 💖

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i've found my purpose in life

and it's baby blue bassist playing proximate to the greatest showman of the century.

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i guess...
I'm an american high schooler with interests with architecture. I came from a masterpost on tumblr and this place looked fun...so here I am...I also have interests in writing...not gonna lie but I don't post often so this might be my only post...thanks I can't wait to find out more about this community... :)))

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