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went to work, had to go across town for groceries, still have a stack of textbooks waiting for me at home... this is fine :ThisIsFine:

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which one of you is following a ton of homestuck troll rpers, lol, they're the entirety of my federated timeline right now

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for everyone: it's a very cute study timer that works by you flipping your phone over.

it uses the pomodoro technique and motivates you by grading your "focus" level - e.g. not picking up your phone until you earn a break. it also ranks you among others in your country so you're motivated to be #1!

hey, this might be common knowledge but since it's, what, day three of me being on this site? i think it's pretty cool so i'll share for you other newbies.

are super neat, yeah? i found a site ( where you can input any instance and get a list of all their custom emojis. like, check out all of these. so many tiny pictures. i want them all.

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If you have a problem with another user, please report them and explain the problem instead of encouraging other users to dogpile them. This isn't Tumblr or Twitter; there are actual moderators here who will try to handle disputes.

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@oatmeal the ideal life is being surrounded by stacks of peer reviewed articles and pals who care when you ramble about said articles

everyone on mastodon is so friendly... wow. every time i log onto twitter someone is being obnoxious, but here has just been pleasant chats and peer reviewed articles

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About 25gb of pdf's on everything from farming and traditional crafts to emergency medical care and election organization. All in .iso format for burning to disc.

can you train yourself to while in a vehicle? i frequently take public transport and i would LOVE to be able to read without getting nauseous. any ?

oh dear... i'm taking two classes this term (anatomy & physiology; lifespan development) and i've nearly run out of pages in my notebook.

this might not sound like much, but my terms are only 8 weeks long. this spiral has 140 pages. how is my hand still functional

wanted to a text editor to you all! i use it to draft essays because the bright white of microsoft word hurts my eyes.

it's called q10 - it's a very basic that saves your files in .txt. takes up your full screen so you don't get distracted.

if you want something suuuuper simple, i'd give it a shot. (only available for windows os). :oat:

finished my first big work project! might go out tonight to study instead of staying home :oat:

help, this 500 character limit is making me format my toots like work emails

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It is morally bad to steal art and works from creators with the strong exception of textbooks created by Big Textbook. They deserve to starve for what they do to college students and their parents.

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hey, can someone let me know if i'm understanding mastodon's privacy settings correctly?

so, if i'm replying to someone:

- public means it will pop up on your feed. everyone can see it, regardless of whether they flw me or not.
- unlisted means it will NOT pop up on your feed, but everyone can still see it regardless of flwing status.
- followers only means ... followers only. (does it pop up on their feed?)
-direct means only the person you're replying to can see it

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