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hi folks, guess i should make an ?

i'm a very tired 20-something who's been through just about every social network there is. you can call me oat. i wouldn't be able to survive without my i.v. bag of vanilla latte.

i'm working towards my B.A. in psychology (via online classes). i work for one of the states - won't tell you which one, though!

nice to meet y'all. :)

@tokoyami i'm big on mental health. my degree plan is actually "psychology with a concentration in mental health," so! i'm really interested in all the "bad" stuff, like mental illnesses, psychopathy/sociopathy... + cult leaders and mass murderers and such

@oatmeal have you read brave new world? brave new world revisited includes an analysis section covering a number of topics including why cult leaders gain such huge followings. strongly recommend for psych nerds especially you

@tokoyami i haven't yet, but it's been on my to-read list for a while. i'll bump it up some since you recommend it ;) thank you!

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