can you train yourself to while in a vehicle? i frequently take public transport and i would LOVE to be able to read without getting nauseous. any ?

@oatmeal hm, i don't really have any great tips for dealing with getting motion sick while reading, though when i read on public transit i ustry to make sure i'm sitting in a front-facing seat and try to isolate my field of view from windows. also reading paper books makes a big difference to me (and e-ink devices are okay, too)

@hvincent i tend to only read paper books so luckily that's not an issue for me. others have mentioned the "no windows" tip so i'll definitely try that. the front facing seat couldn't hurt either. thank you!

@oatmeal I used to get terribly carsick as a kid. Unfortunately, I also had two hour rides to visit my non-custodial parent and I wasn't going to NOT READ. Pretty sure I just powered through with the force of my tiny rage.

It helps if you don't look at the windows, I think. The still text + moving window + attempt to adjust to moving vehicle becomes too much for the inner ear. Sometimes it can balance two of those, but not three.

mention of government 

@oatmeal Hey! I too suffer from massive motion sickness, but I found not listening to any music while reading helps. Also, this may be a pain in your arms, but try to keep the book at your eye level. I still struggle with this, but do try!

@pudlad oof, i've NEVER been able to listen to music while reading. too much input and i can't hear or read, lol. a lot of people have been saying to read at eye level, though, so i'll give it a shot. thank you! :)

@oatmeal I’ve not had much success. Switching to audiobooks worked, if that’s an option for you.

@KevSaund ugh, i wish! i always end up tuning them out and having to rewind. (maybe if i keep trying them?)

@oatmeal I have that same problem - I get more headaches than nauseous and I get carsick reading in planes, which is not supposed to happen. I've developed a podcast habit and do audiobooks.

@Holly i love the idea of podcasts but i can NEVER focus on them. they turn into background noise and i have to rewind so frequently... 😭 there are so many i want to hear but i can't follow them... i need a transcript lol

@oatmeal I get that - I drive and my biggest problem is spacing out, but I can't rewind. and I'm coming to terms with the fact that listening to over 300 episodes of The History of Philosophy without and Gaps and my knowledge of the history of philosophy is still mostly gaps.

@Vopo oof, i don't have those legs either. a bunch of people have given me some great tips so i'm sure i'll be reading in no time, lol. thank you! :)

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