So I think might be working for some people, but not for me. All I get are . So maybe I'm doing something wrong, but there is no discussion about research. So do not wonder, I will not longer be an active part of this. I thought it would be interesting, having a "facebook" without all facebookingshit, but this format does not work, at least not for me, which may depend on myself. But I have not enough time to figure this out. Thank you all.

Some points of my are:
- historical eras are fluid
- our pictures of these eras are most often established by the receptional "winner"-era and do not describe the reality back then
- to understand the in the () you have to understand thei use of literal genres - i.e. you can not find various "vital" religious behaviour in a dogmatic stripture because this is not made for the religious live but for the religious knowning

Hi, I'm a PhD student in Germany, Leipzig, doing research about the early modern period.

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