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The summer school has been interesting, although less so than I expected. Today I skipped the last two sessions to make a quick visit to the museum of Arts and Crafts. That was really cool.

Stuff that I brought in my bag that I probably won't need today: rain jacket, scarf and hat (it's 25 degrees...), a pad of postits, a book...

I used to chide mom about this kind of thing :BlobCatGooglyShrug:

Tonight I'm traveling to Paris. This week I'll be attending a summer school on conditionals. I'm looking forward to it :)

Update: the conference in Bratislava was great, met a bunch of cool people and got to have interesting conversations on my topics of interest and some that I didn't know I was interested in :)

Oh, and I got an acceptance from a decent journal :)

Heading home from Bratislava. The conference was really cool, I had a lot of fun and met cool people. :BlobCatMelt:

In Vienna, figuring out what to do.

Very promising weather.

Going back home from a really cool conference. It's fun to be around people who care about similar things (and people who don't but that work on things that I can understand why there worry about the things that they worry). I'm energized by the responses I got, and I learnt a lot. What could be better?

(Going to cross the Eurotunnel now)

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Hey! I am a PhD student in Cognitive Science in Budapest, Hungary.

Interests: Social learning, skill transmission (focusing on musical techniques), social cognition

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what if instead of conference posters we had zines and craft fairs

Building a Cathedral — The Prepared

Very interesting article. I particularly liked the description of the notion of an accretive project.

The feeling when you close a bunch of issues in the tracker, but you realize that many of them we're left unattended for so long that they no longer applied... 😶

(I also added some new features, so I don't feel *so* terrible).

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"These two persons are equally taken into custody: but what must be done to half this good company, who every hour of their life are knowingly and wittingly both fools and madmen, and yet have capacities both of forming principles, and drawing conclusions, with the full use of reason?" (fin)

"A madman fancies himself a prince; but upon his mistake, he acts suitably to that character; and though he is out in supposing he has principalities, while he drinks gruel, and lies in straw, yet you shall see him keep the port of a distressed monarch in all his words and actions."

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