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Philosophers on GPT-3: dailynous.com/2020/07/30/philo "Understanding is not an act but a labor. Labor is entirely irrelevant to a computational model that has no history or trajectory.... In contrast, understanding is a lifelong social labor. It’s a sustained project that we carry out daily, as we build, repair and strengthen the ever-shifting bonds of sense that anchor us to the others, things, times and places, that constitute a world."

yesterday i thought to myself not to work for a day, but today i'm thinking of work again 🤦‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️

that feeling of having finished another chapter :blobpats:

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Hello world,
I am a PhD student in Edinburgh, currently using experiments to investigate language and cognition.
I am generally interested in how meaning-making in interaction allows humans to act efficiently together and how communication systems (like language) evolve culturally to enable this.
Most of my work involves experiments designed to address this directly in the lab by having humans solve problems with communication. I am also an advocate. :)

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So a new social media site is only as good as your network! Who out there is doing , , , , , ?

(Ça convient également en français : )

Maybe we can get a big thread going?

it's been a while, since I haven't posted here. sorry for that!

I have started the year writing my phd thesis, and working on a couple of papers. final year here in Leuven, things will get hectic pretty quickly... but I'm optimistic I'll manage 💪

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I'm the series editor for a series of for Introduction to Philosophy courses, and we now have two books published (out of nine planned)!

Philosophy of Mind: press.rebus.community/intro-to

Ethics: press.rebus.community/intro-to

Today I was told from one of the members of the study counsellors at my faculty that my students like my classes. :blobpats:

those happy times when the natural deduction system used by the professor of the class you are TAing is incomplete. :BlobCatSurprised:

i've been quite busy preparing the exercise sessions for the logic for bachelors class. last week it was quite grueling, but this week it's been much better (we'll see tomorrow how good - the class is split in two groups).

adventures in email 

'We respect your privacy'... and oh, by the way, here's three (totally not-predatory) conferences that you can totally send our papers to, that have no relation to your field whatsoever.

me, a philosopher: ...
predatory person: what about the 7th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON GRAPHENE DEVICES???

At the end of the day, writing a program that generates PL formulas, checks their validity and prints out their truth tables might have been: a) useful for the logic class, or b) useful for procrastinating instead of writing...

youtube.com/watch?v=Dp-mQ3HxgD fascinating talk on theorem provers in research mathematics and education.

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Back in Chile for a conference and to visit the family.

Stressing out for the talk I have to give later today :BlobCatGoogly: :BlobCatGooglyShrug:

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