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Re- time!

I am a philosopher, working on epistemology and metaphysics. I am very keen on all things modal, but specially on abilities and knowledge of ability, know-how, understanding...

I completed my PhD at KU Leuven, and I am in between jobs at the moment. Wish me luck!

I care about music, design, environmental ethics, phil of maths, logic, programming. Just very curious overall, I guess...

Really great presentation by @pettter on today's . Very interesting stuff!

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Thank you @pettter for your presentation in

Music is an important part of life, and you showed an interesting way to look at it.

Also thank you for your trombone demonstration!

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What talks are y'all excited to attend? If you haven't signed up yet you should do that here!! There's still a week left!!

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we are calling for papers on numerical methods for environmental flow modeling for a topical collection in the international journal on geomathematics. submissions open july 12th, 2021.

boosts are appreciated.

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Hello!! is open for participant signups :BlobCatSurprised:

This year we have talks about delightful computing! philosophy and Star Wars! online communities and neurodivergence! and more!!!

Come to class:

(graphics by @csepp)

thinly concealed neovim plugin development 

Today's output: Submitted a paper to a journal and riced my editor config (nvim 0.5 was just released, I was toying with creating a lua config file).

Me: the problem is we need to explain this concept, here are some ideas about how to proceed.

Reviewer: I can't fail to notice this concept is not clear, I don't know if we can proceed.

Me: congratulations, you understand the problem.


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Anyone know of any good blogs or discussion sites for finding and sharing ? I've mentioned a few resources here:
Would be interested in finding others. Recommendations appreciated. Thanks.

conference, philosophy, mind wandering 

The final talk was by Helgi Clayton McClure, who showed how work in philosophy can inform experimental research in psychology. He explored the hypothesis that there is something like memories of the future with the use of techniques used in the investigation of mind-wandering. Really awesome stuff.

Overall, the conference was really lovely! People were super friendly, and there was a lot of very lively discussion and helpful suggestions. :BlobCatMelt:

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conference, philosophy, mind wandering 

Today we had the last session of the EMW conference.

The first talk, by Büşra Telli, argued that there is no such thing as intentional mindwandering, with mindwandering requiring an absence of intention (I should note that my account gives a divergent verdict on this point).

The second was the keynote by Zac Irving, who gave an overview of his own dynamic account. Very interesting, made me reconsider a lot (1/n)

conference, philosophy, aphantasia 

The final talk of the day is by Lennon Preston on the significance of aphantasic thought. Is aphantasic thought conscious? Yes, it is argued. Very interesting issues concerning the evidence for aphantasic thought and different ways to assess the presence of imagery.

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this year I spent some time coordinating MAP (Minorities and Philosophy) Warwick (the local chapter of an International Network that foster inclusiveness and equality in academia and in philosophy in particular). It has been a challenging year and I am proud of the activities I managed to put in place (e.i. the 1st Midlands MAP Festival). Not being an activist myself, now I wonder how do people in academia perceive this type of efforts? can this type of initiative have an impact?

conference, philosophy, imagination 

The second talk of the day was the keynote by Amy Kind, on Why We Need Imagination.She argues that we should treat is as a separate mental kind, sitinct from conceiving, supposing, belief and imagery (and also memory).

(You might not find it weird that philosophers disagree even on this!)

conference, philosophy, imagination 

Second day of the conference kicks off with a talk by Valentina Martinis on the phenomenology of imagination, and how it is different in kind from the phenomenology of perception. She argues against the instrucive epistemic use of imagination because she thinks imagination can't be assessed in terms of accuracy.

Conference, mind-wandering 

The conference has been super interesting so far. We started with a talk on mind wandering and music, and then we had a keynote on how we can think of mind wandering as a form of "local" sleep, so that we distinguish between mind-wandering and mind blanking.

We finished the day with my talk, I think it went quite nicely. I'm happy :blobwhee:

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