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Re- time!

I am a philosopher, working on epistemology and metaphysics. I am very keen on all things modal, but specially on abilities and knowledge of ability, know-how, understanding...

I completed my PhD at KU Leuven, and I am in between jobs at the moment. Wish me luck!

I care about music, design, environmental ethics, phil of maths, logic, programming. Just very curious overall, I guess...

just realized I returned to Chile exactly one year ago. damn. time flies.

Went out for a ride today. The afternoon was not too hot, thankfully. Went pretty far from home, rode 49k in the end.

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friends, for what it's worth you have my permission today to not be 'productive' and just do whatever the fuck you feel like

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I'm reviewing a paper

Using skills I spent years developing

Applying the expertise that I earned by getting a doctorate in experimental medicine

Providing value to a for-profit publishing company

And receiving:

A Publons credit *and* zero dollars ($0.00)

For my work

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job ad: PhD position in Formalization of Mathematics 

Freek Wiedijk of Radboud University Nijmegen has announced a PhD position for formalizing Fermat's Last Theorem, probably in Lean:

If you're considering a PhD, I can tell you from experience that the Dutch setup is an excellent option: to me it feels like a job as researcher (with some teaching duties) and after 4 years, I also get a nice gender-neutral title.

my postdoc application was selected for acceptance :BlobCatSurprised: holding my breath until I sign a contract, but I'm feeling kind of relieved. on the 5th it will be a year since I defended my PhD thesis.

Food (drink) 

Made kombucha for the first time. Just in time for new year! Plum flavored. Turned out pretty good. :blobwhee:

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We are at the very forefront of our field, the tip of the spear if you will, and our mission is to elongate the tip such that the forefront is ever further removed from the run of the mill baseline state of things

Matrix 4, epistemology 

In the real world of M4, people bio-engineer plants that produce fruit that taste exactly like they do inside the Matrix. In M1, people were asking whether the flavors coded in the Matrix were 'authentic'. In a world where ecological collapse is irreversible, you might as well settle for the synthetic stuff.

Is this progressive or regressive? If we could produce things that have an arbitrary taste, why not make them better still? But, how to tell it's better?

Some papers out this month:

1) “On Understanding People, Structure, Desires, and Ourselves", Cinta de Moebio, 72, 183-193 (

I wrote this one as a response to some of the literature I taught in my phil of social science class. Teaching inspired research ;)

2) “Understanding Attributions: Problems, Options, and a Proposal", Theoria, 1–26. doi: 10.1111/theo.12380 (

A paper I revised way too many times, stemming from some ideas I had in my MPhil.

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the BBC has gone to chile to see how some regular everyday chileans feel about their election result

Had a terrific time giving a joint talk with @Giulia at the PG WIP Seminar from her uni, on 'Modal Judgement in Musical Performance'.

ok, now i submitted the revised manuscript of the paper I got accepted.

i also got a rejection last night, gotta work on that manuscript again.

world philosophy day 

sharing papers I like:

"Cognition as a Social Skill" Sally Haslanger (2019)


Short bike ride with my sister on a sunny Sunday morning

you know, despite "amnesiac" being my fav radiohead album, the third disc of "kid a mnesia" left me kind of cold. the pulk/pull + true love waits mix is pretty great though.

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