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Re- time!

I am a philosopher, working on epistemology and metaphysics. I am very keen on all things modal, but specially on abilities and knowledge of ability, know-how, understanding...

I completed my PhD at KU Leuven, and I am in between jobs at the moment. Wish me luck!

I care about music, design, environmental ethics, phil of maths, logic, programming. Just very curious overall, I guess...

A friend from Warwick is organizing the 1st Midlands MAP Festival, a series of talks on issues relevant to minorities in philosophy (and academia in general, really). I think this might be of interest to many people here:

My thing is 'things that slowly fill all there ever was'

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The Midlands Music Research Network conference is ongoing now. I'm presenting a little poster, you can check it on

the risks of conceptual analysis 

This one cut deep for me (it describes an abstract that I just submitted to a conference a bit too well):

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📯 📯 Greetings! 📯 📯

I'm nune, an autodidact teaching myself higher geometry from the ground up. A college dropout, turned web developer, turned game developer, I once dreamed of being a geology professor.

Unfortunately (for a whole lotta 👎 reasons), I didn't make it. So, I figured math is a great way to do science at home (kinda).

That's all I got for now. Thank you for having me! Oh, and you can check out my main at @nune

"... a class of objects that change the appearances when they are reflected in a mirror. " very cool.

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linux, gnome 

trying out the new gnome version. the animation for getting in the overview, with windows snapping into place - so satisfying.

another application out. crossing fingers (next week i know whether I will go into the interview round for another application). ok... back to papers now...

What if good Peter Singer and evil Peter Singer are actually one and the same?

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in the far reaches of space, there is one place that we may never fully understand, that may forever be an enigma:

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k-12 questions, syllabi v curriculum plan 

Before I go into meetings with my new department, I'm thinking of drafting up mock syllabi and curriculum plans.

My current syllabus is for college, so I know there is going to be a big difference. My current syllabus has elements of curriculum planning.

I was wondering - what is your advice for creating a successful curriculum plan & syllabi?

peer review, student journal, advice wanted 

I am reviewing a couple of papers for a student's journal at my old uni. One of them has a bunch of problems that could suggest rejection. However, I would rather just recommend a major revision. I don't like the idea of discouraging students, but I also don't want to be too lenient. What do you do in these cases?

So now, two months after I graduated from my PhD, the funding body that paid my scholarship notifies me that they will grant up to 6 months of extension... Maybe it would have been nicer if they had told me, dunno... a bit before my scholarship finished???

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Some of you know I've started a blog called FOSS Academic ( I'm exploring life as an academic who tries to use as much free and open source software as possible. You know, being a lonely humanities Linux user at a university.

I'm writing to solicit questions people might have about being a FOSS Academic. Or maybe to solicit comments on the FOSS Academic Lifestyle Dream. Not that I know all the things, but I'm curious what questions people have about this area, if any.


So, my project application on how to deal with failures got rejected. I guess I can't complain *this* one time :p

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