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Re- time!

I am a philosopher, working on epistemology and metaphysics. I am very keen on all things modal, but specially on abilities and knowledge of ability, know-how, understanding...

I completed my PhD at KU Leuven, and I am in between jobs at the moment. Wish me luck!

I care about music, design, environmental ethics, phil of maths, logic, programming. Just very curious overall, I guess...

submitted an application. fingers crossed.

unpopular (?) opinion, music 

I like that pitchfork brought the score of Daft Punk's RAM down. That album always mostly sucked.

Did some productive procrastinating today and prepared a talk I am going to give... in a month.

While I prefer working in English rather than in my native language (Spanish), I think it is valuable to critically discuss whether there is an undue fixation on English that leads to systemic unbalances and marginalization of non-native speakers in philosophy. Thus, I have signed the Barcelona Principles for a Globally Inclusive Philosophy:

the new teaser for the upcoming Matrix movie has a bit where the narrator says something like: 'you now believe it to be 14:57, but nothing could be further from the truth.' it changes every minute, which is pretty neat. but my brain went: so, wait, how do you measure how far from the truth? and if it changes, are there different times which are all the farthest from the truth (14:58 is equally far)? and after a whole day, wouldn't there be no time which was closer to the truth?

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They should warn everyone planning to become a researcher that thinking is hard.

after losing my work due to a laptop reset, i finally finished and sent back the paper review i was working on.

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Minced beef with mint and basmati rice (for the beef I used this recipe ) it's really good!

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Love to have a thought and not be able to fully articulate it in any meaningful manner outside of my own head

Me: "I wonder why this review has not received any feedback..."
The Journal: Actually... you should not have used the platform, you should have sent us the document by email instead.
Me: :BlobCatKnife: ... OK

So... by the way, I will be teaching this semester, a course on the philosophy of social sciences (not my area of expertise, but I think I will manage -- at least I hope I do 🤞 ).

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Job opportunity 

In the scope of the initiative "Verão com Ciência" funded by FCT and awarded to CICANT, the center opened four one-month Research Initiation Scholarships.

The call is open until 17/08/2021, and more details on the positions, workplan, and application can be found here:

Only students from Bachelor's or Master's Degree levels are eligible, and we ask you to support the dissemination of this call as much as possible to ensure this initiative is a success.

Had a nice time at the talk today at the . Thanks, @b for the moderation. The slides and notes are at (pass bR9Sz7g2eR9xVVy- )

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Coming soon: 2021-08-04 at 4:00 PM UTC

@okf presents:

The philosophy of action, the epistemology of possibility, and force-users in Star Wars

Sign up here!

(Graphics by @csepp)

Really great presentation by @pettter on today's . Very interesting stuff!

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Thank you @pettter for your presentation in

Music is an important part of life, and you showed an interesting way to look at it.

Also thank you for your trombone demonstration!

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