conference, philosophy, mind wandering 

Today we had the last session of the EMW conference.

The first talk, by Büşra Telli, argued that there is no such thing as intentional mindwandering, with mindwandering requiring an absence of intention (I should note that my account gives a divergent verdict on this point).

The second was the keynote by Zac Irving, who gave an overview of his own dynamic account. Very interesting, made me reconsider a lot (1/n)


conference, philosophy, mind wandering 

The final talk was by Helgi Clayton McClure, who showed how work in philosophy can inform experimental research in psychology. He explored the hypothesis that there is something like memories of the future with the use of techniques used in the investigation of mind-wandering. Really awesome stuff.

Overall, the conference was really lovely! People were super friendly, and there was a lot of very lively discussion and helpful suggestions. :BlobCatMelt:

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