Them: It's "Amsterdam," not "Hamsterdam"

Me: *Visions of a tiny city for hamsters in my head* What

Lewd or not depending on perspective 

Happy Pride to you too Amsterdam

Who called it "public transit via light rail in Amsterdam"

And not

"The Amstertram"

Tour guide: This building's original façade was constructed from flammable wood

Me: Go on

Tour guide: And so it burned down

Me: :SurprisedOtter:

✅ Vegan kapsalon
✅ Stroopwaffel
✅ Vegan betterballen
:loading: Kaassoufflé

Dutch person: We never drink a bottle of wine that has been given to us in front of the person who gave it; what if it sucks and they see our faces?

Me: Truly you are an enlightened people

I'm just gonna say it

Get the small size stroopwaffel

It's like two slabs of sugar baked with more sugar, stuck together with sugar with different sugar on top

So like

It's good but wow you get the jittery sleepies after

Hello it is me

The knower and recognizer of people with the Québec accent

Going to Brussels and being murdered within minutes for asking for vinegar on my frites


@bgcarlisle first time in Brussels, I asked for mustard for my fries, to unbelieving eyes. (Quickly learnt andalouse sauce is the better option.)

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