Some people really have a knack for cover design.

@Giulia has set up the posters at the SPP/ESPP poster session today! We are quite proud of how they turned out :)

I will be attending questions via zoom, since I couldn't manage to travel in the end.

sometimes the internet offers sentences made in full seriousness that are absolutely bonkers.

Did a short trip to my aunt's house in the countryside yesterday. Some pics of objects against the sky.

From Ryle's "Plato's Progress" (1966)

I somehow feel Ryle is very right here, but also kind of too naive about the tendency towards dogmatism among philosophers.

Went out for a ride today. The afternoon was not too hot, thankfully. Went pretty far from home, rode 49k in the end.

Food (drink) 

Made kombucha for the first time. Just in time for new year! Plum flavored. Turned out pretty good. :blobwhee:

Short bike ride with my sister on a sunny Sunday morning


Another day, another ride. My legs are feeling better already.

Yesterday was NBD for me. Today I went to the cemetery to check on my grandma's grave, it was nice to go out for a change.

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