who'd have thunk that digitizing my casette tapes from high school would fill me with melancholia?

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I am a philosopher working on philosophy of language and metaphysics. I mostly think about questions raised by Frege, Russell, and Wittgenstein.

I haven't been in the habit of posting much, but maybe I will get back to it.

Re- time!

I am a philosopher, working on epistemology and metaphysics. I am very keen on all things modal, but specially on abilities and knowledge of ability, know-how, understanding...

I completed my PhD at KU Leuven, and I am in between jobs at the moment. Wish me luck!

I care about music, design, environmental ethics, phil of maths, logic, programming. Just very curious overall, I guess...

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The OST of Escaflowne :blobwhee:

with this paper i'm working on, i'm at the point where I'm starting to wonder: is it worth it to go on? is it worth it at all? what is life? what is love? 😵

>12k words is reasonable for a manuscript, right? Right?? 😳


Description: Todd Fuist draws on his ethnographic research on progressive religious communities to highlight the role of collective imagination in social life, this week at The Junkyard.

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"As #feminist scholar Jo Freeman notes in her classic article “The Tyranny of Structurelessness,” too often the pretense of a flat structure serves primarily not to truly flatten power dynamics, but simply to mask them."

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@twsh @cxli it is indeed very mysterious. I was curious so I took a look at Harman's 'Guerrilla Metaphysics', and he says things like this: "the way to revive phenomenology is not through external rituals of compliance with Husserl's vocabulary, but by expanding the concept of intentionality to the point where it covers the entirety of the things them­selves, thereby freeing us from the growing staleness of the philosophy of human access." (p.23) it's not just garden-variety realism.

@twsh @cxli to me it seems like it's also the wrong step? from the description in the article it sounds like subject-ideology (of some sort) is pushed into object-ideology? (i mean ideology in Quine's sense) so it's not like human subjects are deflated, but objects are uplifted? maybe this is the result of starting from a phenomenological standpoint, where subjects are traditionally the only focus of attention?

@Cyborgneticz I did! It's awesome. The introduction alone is worth it.

@Cyborgneticz When my goal is to understand the problems that the author faced, I inevitably tend towards critique straight away. Some other times I just need to get a sense of what the author is talking about and orient myself in the literature, and in those cases I basically do the same thing you describe.

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very relatable quote from alexandra elbakyan on her plans for dealing with being sued by elsevier for creating scihub

source & transcript: medpagetoday.com/publichealthp

stolen from someone who didn't add source or image description lol 🏴‍☠️


taking the day off (mostly), so I'm going to make focaccia ;)

And... application submitted. That completes all of them. We will see if I succeed.🤞 :BlobCatGoogly:

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