@Cyborgneticz for some reason this is always a problem in towns where X is a thing. here we have a city that is well known for spiced sausages, and i've always found it impossible to figure out what is a good place for them whenever I've been there...

Really great presentation by @pettter on today's . Very interesting stuff!

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Thank you @pettter for your presentation in

Music is an important part of life, and you showed an interesting way to look at it.

Also thank you for your trombone demonstration!

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@Cyborgneticz Aristotle was the original contrarian. He ever gets tired of talking shit about his predecesors or opponents :p

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What talks are y'all excited to attend? If you haven't signed up yet you should do that here!! There's still a week left!! docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

Dissertation, not stressed 

@Cyborgneticz you got it!

@Cyborgneticz Nice point.

Still, Plato is methodologically the less conservative of the two. The whole point about the cave allegory (for example) is that systematically we cannot treat any doxa as true; they are nothing but idols (in Francis Bacon's sense). This, I gather, is why the people at the academy and other socratic 'schools' turned to various forms of skepticism and other forms of inwards-looking methods, rather than towards the kind of realism that Aristotle often seems to endorse.

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we are calling for papers on numerical methods for environmental flow modeling for a topical collection in the international journal on geomathematics. submissions open july 12th, 2021.

boosts are appreciated.


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Hello!! is open for participant signups :BlobCatSurprised:

This year we have talks about delightful computing! philosophy and Star Wars! online communities and neurodivergence! and more!!!

Come to class: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

(graphics by @csepp)

@icvw ohh! that's really cool. I must admit I have no good grasp on how decolonial perspectives interact with 'mainstream' epistemology (by which I mean "analytic" epistemology). but my impression is that there should be some sort of reckoning by philosophers within that tradition about how to conceive of the discipline in a way that can integrate fruitfully with more progressive political projects.

@icvw There's so much! But off the top of my head, maybe Sally Haslanger's work (sallyhaslanger.weebly.com/) and Miranda Fricker's work (mirandafricker.com/) could be interesting to you.

On epistemology more generally speaking, it really depends on what interests you. But maybe a good start would be to take a look at Stephen Hetherington & Markos Valaris' volume 'Knowledge in Contemporary Philosophy' (and for a really basic and short intro, I love Hetherington's 'What is Epistemology?').

From the abstract of Ásta's "Categories we live by" 

@icvw ah, cool! I haven't checked that yet, but it's probably the next thing in my queue ;) I knew of Ásta because of work of hers on essence, which was one of the things I researched for my thesis (on modal epistemology). I am very anti-essentialist, so I found her deflationary approach really congenial.

From the abstract of Ásta's "Categories we live by" 

@icvw 'Categories to Live By' is pretty cool.

thinly concealed neovim plugin development 

Today's output: Submitted a paper to a journal and riced my editor config (nvim 0.5 was just released, I was toying with creating a lua config file).

Me: the problem is we need to explain this concept, here are some ideas about how to proceed.

Reviewer: I can't fail to notice this concept is not clear, I don't know if we can proceed.

Me: congratulations, you understand the problem.


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Anyone know of any good blogs or discussion sites for finding and sharing ? I've mentioned a few resources here: lmemsm.dreamwidth.org/1142.htm
Would be interested in finding others. Recommendations appreciated. Thanks.

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