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Application submitted, fingers crossed. Now I have to wait until next year around April...


16 out of 15 pages rewritten. who knows how many to go.

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Pandoc filter 

I treated myself to an afternoon project this weekend. I made a pandoc filter which creates truth tables from formulae.

I might actually use this when I next teach logic.

That moment when you remember that 3000 characters are not at all like 3000 words, and that this fact is a very bad thing.

funding application 

Ironically enough, the motivation statement for this application has been the thing I've been having the most trouble with drafting. Like, I know what to say, but I'm hesitant about how to say it.

What do you do in these cases?

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I cannot even describe the unlikely netbook of the abomination.

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Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable. - Mary Oliver

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Writing the proposal went by quicker than I expected.

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Hello world!
I'm currently a late-stage PhD student studying neuroscience. My works are about using engineered viral tools to make neurons and their connections visible.

Besides, I like traveling, reading, watching movies, and cooking.

Looking forward to meeting you all~~

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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

Today it's Wendy Carlos' 81st birthday, a trans woman who did the songs for Tron, Shining and Clockwork Orange !

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publications, #philosophy, counterpossibles 

One of those papers I bragged about in the thread earlier today? It just got published:

(And a friend's book review was also coincidentally published :))

covid euphemisms 

cuddle contact

latex, template 

I have extracted the LaTeX bits of my thesis as a template, and made it available at, in case anyone is interested.

covid, university 

... and all classes except some in the bachelors are moving online at my uni. good, but maybe a couple of weeks late.

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